Will WordPress Make Me More Word-ly?

If you’ve visited here before, you’ve probably already guessed that I’m a bit of a giant bookworm. Me? A word nerd? What gave it away?!? Though I’m ashamed to admit that lately, my literary tastes have run more towards YA novels (hello, Hunger Games!) and magazines than great works of art. (Or at least titles that I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with on the bus…)

But no more! I’m hoping that having y’all with me here on WordPress will change that. I’ve set a reading challenge for myself, and will be tracking my progress on my shiny and new Words on a Bookshelf page.

I’m counting on you for  recommendations for my reading list and moral support! Remind me every so often that Hello magazine doesn’t count in this challenge, will you? Thanks.

9 thoughts on “Will WordPress Make Me More Word-ly?

  1. I’m going to have to disagree with you on the Hunger Games series. It went downhill following the first book. As I read the last two, I couldn’t help but think they were books that the movies could improve upon (and we all know that hardly ever happens). I’ll give those books some higher marks for consistency in the story (even though they’re essentially children’s books). Harry Potter dropped the ball there when you look at Hermoine particularly.

    As for suggestions on new books to read, that’s potentially difficult. Are you looking for books from new and/or emerging authors or just books you may have missed?

    • I’ll admit, the 2nd book in the HG series was a bit derivative (really? they’re back in the arena again?!?) but I thought the 3rd one was gripping. I really liked how Collins focused on the pyschological effects of war this time, and not just the physical violence (though there was a lot of that too.) Gale’s shifting ideals and sense of right and wrong were esp interesting, and heartbreaking, I thought.

      As for Hermione, her character development throughout the series is one of my favourite things about it! I actually like that she didn’t stay the same person throughout…

      I’ll take suggestions for either. I’ll happily give a new author a shot or pick up something that everyone’s already read but me 🙂

      • I’m not asking that Hermoine stay a 10 year old child forever, I’m just saying that there were inconsistencies such as the fact that she had no problem speaking Voldemort’s name early in the series and then towards the end it produced these child like gasps and she could barely eek it out. Really? We all know that Harry was the whiny little bitch of the series and then it was like Rowlings was trying to make Hermoine vulnerable, which wasn’t necessary.

      • But at the beginning of the series all Hermione knew of Voldermort was what she’d read about, so he was an abstract figure with no real impact on her life. By the end, she’d seen him murder people she knew and cared about…not to mention, she was kidnapped and tortured herself! Her fear was a product of maturity, and knowledge. I’d say she can be forgiven for gasping a bit.

      • By that time, however, Hermoine had matured and it wasn’t as though she was backing down from the confrontation. If anything, she was ready to get out there and fight. A doesn’t equal B on this one. Other than Harry complaining all the time, that was my only real disappointment with the series.

      • Sure, but you can be willing to fight and be terrified at the same time though, can’t you? Courage is moving forward through fear, and all that…

        Anyway, we can agree to disagree about my beloved Hermione, as long as we make up in time for the Word of the Day, to be posted later this afternoon 🙂

  2. “Cutting for Stone” by Abraham Verghese… one of my favourite books ever!

    Of course, Jane Austin books, especially “Pride and Predijuice’… how can you go wrong ?

    • That’s a great suggestion! You know I absolutely love the movie version with Keira Knightly, but I haven’t read the novel from start to finish before!

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