Words Set to Music for Tuesday, May 15 OR; How to Cope with Real Life in 5 Easy Steps

Corporate World can be a stressful place. And having to deal with Real Life challenges on top of that can be enough to level us mere mortals. Since we can’t all be as plucky and resilient as Jane Austen’s heroines, (or as steadfast and patient as her heroes – don’t worry guys, I haven’t left you out!) I have devised a handy guide for tackling vexing situations.

Herewith, I humbly present to you my thoughts on “How to Cope with Real Life in 5 Easy Steps” (Can you tell I started reading Pride and Prejudice last night?)

Step 1) Wake up in the morning and realize that yes, it’s a sunny day, and yes, you’ll be able to roll into your office with giant shades covering most of your face (which will distract co-workers from the state of your hair) and yes, that means you get 10 more minutes of sleep

Step 2) Wear something pink. (That goes for you too, guys. Jason Mraz knows the appeal of wearing a pink shirt – embrace it!)

Step 3) Visit a favourite blog before easing into the day’s emails. (Today I decided to look in on Lill and Jill – hilarious as usual!)

Step 4) Listen to Jason Mraz

Step 5) Blog about it! 

I love this song. I love the whole album, in fact. You can stream it from Jason’s website by clicking on the album cover:

Listen to “Love is a Four Letter Word” here

6 thoughts on “Words Set to Music for Tuesday, May 15 OR; How to Cope with Real Life in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Sorry, I’m immortal. So it doesn’t really bother me. Kidding. This is good. I normally wear sky blue to feel happier, but I have my pink days too.

    • Outstanding. I’ve always wanted some immortal friends. You wouldn’t mind doing me a small favour, would you? A robbing-a-bank-and-making-a-death-defying-getaway type favour, would you? 😉

      That’s awesome. Sky blue is a happy colour too, for sure.

      Thanks so much for stopping by!

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