Kind Words

Yaaaay! A brand spanking new blogging award has been brought into the blogverse, and guess who it’s just been awarded to…? Me. It wasn’t a trick question or anything. It’s me! Yaaay!

Kermit says “Yaaaaaay!”


Nominated by my favourite virtual roomates, Lill and Jill. Thanks ladies!

Sorry. Done talking about me now. Moving on:

The wonderful, hilarious, and wonderfully hilarious Lill and Jill have accepted my bribes nominated me for the Living Passionately Award because they believe I live, you know, passionately and stuff. (No doubt they think I’m articulate, too.)

As a new blogger I’m thrilled to pieces that they thought of me and can’t thank them enough. I don’t need to tell you how wonderful they are, since I kind of do that a lot already, so let’s get straight to the rules. I now need to:

1)    Post the rules

2)    Do something out of the ordinary

3)    Nominate other bloggers whose passion and fabulous-ness I admire


1)    Ta-da!

2)    I recently received an invitation I was feeling somewhat nervous about accepting, but this is the perfect opportunity to go ahead and go for it. Game Changers are a group of people dedicated to social innovation and change who get together, hang out…and design brand new original digital games. From scratch. That you can actually play. I’m completely intimated by their talent but am going to join my friend at their next Jam Session being held this summer… I’ll let you know how it goes!

3)    This was the easy part. I’m so excited to pass this award on to the following bloggers, who inspire me on a regular basis:

TK Butterfly

 Tuxedo and the Meatloaf

A Reckless Reader

Sarah On The Go

Words Form Windows 

Whew! That was fun. I can’t wait to see what these five do next!

6 thoughts on “Kind Words

  1. awesome! i’m so flattered to be nominated 😀 i’m really excited to start blogging more about stuff that makes sense and something that i can learn! afterall, i want to know everything…

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