Calling a Truce

So I’ve decided that the universe and I aren’t in a fight anymore. After a friend deemed it stupid on my behalf (in response to some karmic timing issues) the universe stepped up and made things right by:

1) Sending me some gorgeous sunshine in the short term (and promising more of the same in the long term forecast)

2) Sending me Nowan Zen’s “Live Passionately” award and some great new readers here to Words Become Superfluous

3) Sending me this:

My Mraz

Yes, Jason Mraz is coming to Toronto in the fall, and yes, I die from happiness a little bit every time I think about it (or look at this picture.) This in spite of the fact that my doctor’s appointment today was run by a resident who didn’t exactly instill confidence in the future of the medical profession… such is the power of Mraz!

One thought on “Calling a Truce

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