Expanding My…Horizons

People often say that one of the best things about being part of an online community like WordPress is that it broadens your worldview.

Music from Norway? Check. Book reviews from the Phillipines? Check. Hilarious stories about real people you wish you knew in the United States? No problem!

What people don’t tell you is that your frame of reference isn’t the only thing that is likely to widen. Chances are good that certain, ahem, other parts of you will widen too.

Yes, in case you haven’t guessed by now, I’m talking about me… and the size of my hips, particularly in the last couple of weeks. Here are just a couple of recent examples:

Since my earlier Greek Yogurt Gaffe, I’ve found myself anxious to prove to y’all that yes, I can in fact follow a recipe successfully. The solution, I figured, was to make a pan of my favourite peanut butter marshmallow squares, and bring them to Corporate World today.

 This would give me a sense of accomplishment (I followed instructions and the results were delicious!) would give you inspiration for a weekend treat of your own (the recipe is at the end of this post) and would cause a sugar-induced coma in my co-workers, allowing me to leave the office early on a sunny Friday (results TBD)

This also gave me a bowl of peanut-buttery, marshmallow-y, ooey gooey goodness to lick clean, I mean wash.

 Since finding Random and Caffeinated, I’ve found myself wanting to mix up my usual skinny vanilla latte habit. This led to a lovely chat with my barista about flavour combinations and the health benefits of whole milk.

 This also gave me a tall white mocha no whip extra foam extra chocolate shot latte for breakfast that I’m still dreaming about now.

 I’m expanding in other ways, too! You can now find each edition of Wordful Wednesdays on Tumblr at superfluous-amber.tumblr.com


Oooey Gooey Peanut Butter Squares (adapted from Sweetapolita)

 1 cup of smooth peanut butter

½ cup of butter

3/4 pkg of butterscotch chips

1 pkg of mini marshmallows

Toppings (optional): Reeses Pieces, chocolate chips, oreo cookies, or anything else you feel like!

 Melt everything except the marshmallows over the stove or in the microwave (if you’re using the stove, combine the ingredients in a bowl and rest it on top of a pot of gently simmering water. That way you won’t burn the deliciousness!)

Let cool slightly before mixing in marshmallows. Pour into a pan and let set in the fridge (or the freezer, if you’re like me and think any more than 15 minutes is too long to wait)

 Top with whatever additional goodies you desire, cut into squares, and enjoy!

 (I have also been known to add an extra layer of marshmallows and reeses to the bottom of my pan, as well as the top)  

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