“Pointless Nostalgic…That’s Me.“ Coming Up to the Countdown

I’m quoting Jamie Cullum at you because:

a)    It’s been a while since we’ve had a Words Set to Music post AND

b)    We’re going to spend this week going through my closet. Doesn’t that sound like fun?!?

If you’re still here and weren’t scared off by option b – and it is kind of terrifying, I know – I’ll explain.

Next week my parents are moving to a new house, so Shutterbug Sis and I spent this past weekend packing up our old rooms and reliving our childhood memories. At least, I was reliving them. (You might remember from a Wordful Wednesday a couple of weeks ago, Shutterbug Sis swears that she doesn’t remember most of growing up with yours truly.)

I thought that rather than walking down memory lane alone, it would be more fun to take the trip with y’all instead!

Since moving day is next Tuesday, the countdown will kick off tomorrow and run for one week. Each weekday, we’ll take a look at something that got packed up from my childhood bedroom. High school yearbook pictures may or may not be involved, so brace yourselves now.

I hope you’ll share your memories in the Comments as the Countdown goes on. In the spirit of high school, there will be marks for participation! We’ll have a draw for a very nostalgic prize once we’re through.

You can enter in the draw up to two times each day of the Countdown, by commenting here and on the Words Become Superfluous Facebook page.

I’m so excited! Thanks in advance for helping me turn a potentially traumatic event into something fun. See you back here tomorrow when we start things off!

12 thoughts on ““Pointless Nostalgic…That’s Me.“ Coming Up to the Countdown

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