Pointless Nostalgic Countdown: Day One

The Countdown is on! As I mentioned yesterday, we’ll be spending the week uncovering ancient relics…from my childhood closet. Marks for participation will be awarded during this trip down memory lane, so be sure to leave your comments here and on Facebook! Items will be revealed in order of least-to-most-embarrassing, so if you think this is bad, wait until next week.

Our first item on the Countdown is…

 A (very) well worn copy of Much Ado About Nothing

 I signed my name with a peace sign on the inside cover and made all sorts of notes in the margins, only some of which I can read today. They mostly consist of arrows and numbers with circles drawn around them, because this was our Senior School play when I was in grade 10 and I was the stage manager.

 Yes, I wore all black clothes and a headset and said things like,

“Benedict to stage left in 5, cue scene change. Where’s my Don Pedro? I need Don Pedro onstage, STAT”

while carrying a clipboard. I also got free access to our concession stand, so I made comments like these while completely spun out on an unlimited supply of sour keys and Swedish berries.

 And I loved every second of it.

 In fact, I continued working behind the scenes in the theatre for the rest of my time in high school and into university as well. I even did an internship with a professional theatre company! Yes, dear readers, in addition to being a bookworm, I was, and continue to be, a giant theatre geek.

 For today’s contest entry: what were your favourite extra-curricular activities in high school or university? Are you still involved in any of those activities today?

14 thoughts on “Pointless Nostalgic Countdown: Day One

  1. Boys, boyfriends,,stealing boyfriends,breaking up with boyfriends, double dating boyfriends etc,,,,,can you guess what kinda girl I was in school, lol.

  2. Oh high school… cheerleading of course.

    Now, we did not wear our maroon and gold itty-bitty skirts and letter sweaters ,with white socks and Keds, everyday everywhere, but we sure wore them whenever we could. Why? Because they were sooo cool!

  3. I was Art Club president my senior year. I really haven’t kept up with my creative side, but I will soon once I have more time. I’ve been telling myself that for six years now 🙂

    • I don’t know about that…I’d say your blog counts as something pretty creative! But I know what you mean – I’ve been saying I’d get back into theatre for ages now too 🙂

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