Pointless Nostalgic Countdown: Day Five

Welcome to Day Five of our Countdown; thanks for not disowning me after learning about the “tortured poet” phase of my teenage years! Today’s items will give you an idea of the totally awesome (or not) fashion sense that I had in middle and high school:

Hot Loops and Embroidery Thread

Yes indeed, nothing says, “I’m one of the cool kids” like wearing homemade accessories crafted from neon coloured, synthetic based materials! Man, those were some good times.Β 

But I shouldn’t mock; after all, I’ve carried my love of arts and crafts into adulthood. (Nowadays, I knit. And wearing my own handmade scarves gives me much more hipster street cred than friendship bracelets ever could).

For today’s contest entry: Did you ever attempt any DIY fashion trends in middle or high school?Β 

10 thoughts on “Pointless Nostalgic Countdown: Day Five

  1. I never did any of those things in high school, but I did make the other foot patrol executives those bracelot things haha. They helped pass the time, but I can’t say it was a passion or a phase; just something I tried and used to serve a purpose.

  2. I did those bracelets too, but in “my time”, it was with plastic string.
    But the coolest thing we kids did in middle school was make super cool beads on safety pins for our shoes πŸ™‚

  3. At 13, inspired by Flashdance I attempted to create my own workout ensemble…and wore it…to the fitness centre…which was full of people…who laughed…alot!!! Did I mention I made it out of my Moms Zebra stripped (and ill fitting on a skinny ‘just-teen’) bathing suit and a pair of long johns? The shame is still with me.

  4. I used to work in a school-aged daycare. If you could make it into jewelry, I owned it…

    (You don’t need to enter me into any contests though. Finding a cool new blog is always its own reward.)

  5. Friendship pins were all the rage in my high school years. Take safety pins, add some meaningful seed beads, clip on to your shoe laces. I made a lot of them, and sadly most of the ones I wore on my shoes I made myself. Oh well.

    • Not sad – stylish! Remember that! You and commenter Nikki were both on top of that trend. πŸ™‚

      Welcome to Words Become Superfluous Melonie! Thanks so much for the visit!

    • I remember having a kit, this little nylon bag with “friendship pins” printed on it that clipped onto my beltloop so I could take it to school. The teachers only let us mess with them at recess. I also had a little color key that told what colors meant what. Apparently green meant enemy. How nice. Sort of defeats the purpose if you gave someone a green bead.

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