(Not Quite) Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

Now that our Pointless Nostalgic Countdown has drawn to a close, it’s time to get back to business  here at Words Become Superfluous… which isn’t nearly as serious at it sounds.

It means that it’s time for more Words Set to Music, Wordful Wednesdays, and the next instalment of my 2012 Reading Challenge… not to mention the embarrassing educational?

motivational? tales of my culinary experiments.

You’re excited, I can tell.*tap tap* hello? is this thing on? *tap tap*

We’ll get to all of that throughout the coming week, but today I wanted to turn the spotlight back on y’all.

You might remember that the lovely Koco recently nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award.  As tends to be the case with these awards, there are a few rules attached to accepting. As tends to be the case around here, I’ve decided to bend the rules and do things a little differently.

Rather than sharing seven qualities about myself and than passing this award on in the cyber-equivalent of a chain letter, I’ve decided to share the qualities of seven other people who I admire. Some of them are part of my little corner of the blogverse and some of them are part of my unplugged life. All of them are all kinds of important to me.

Dave (unplugged): Not to be confused with Dave (online), who I also admire, but who I’m probably one mention away from a restraining order, Dave (unplugged) is one of my favourite writers and friends of all time. He doesn’t blog, but he’s given me permission to share some of his thoughts with y’all here, so you’ll be getting to know him soon.

Jason Mraz:  Alright, so technically I don’t actually know the man, but he’s a huge part of my online and unplugged life, because he inspires blog posts and because his latest album is streaming on his website for free.

Jimmy P/Andrew: A frequent commenter on this blog, friend, and funny, funny man. When I’m sounding particularly dry and witty here, chances are I’m channelling him.

Kate: She hasn’t been blogging too much lately, but only because she’s

been been busy getting her unplugged life settled over in the UK, and getting her British citizenship. I love the way she’s able to be a grown up and still be Kate at the same time.

Nikki: Nikki has been a huge supporter of Words Become Superfluous and I’m so thrilled her own blog is taking off.  I hope to be as generous with my time and comments to other bloggers as she is!

TheRavingMadScientists: I admire how these ladies split their blogging duties but still manage to write with one voice. Pretty neat trick!

Shutterbug Sis: Not only does she take amazing photos and donate her time to amazing causes like TRIP Canada, but since her recent birthday, she’s funnier than ever. Old age agrees with you, SS!

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