Words Set to Music For Friday, June 29th

Oh, my.

I need to warn you about something before we get to today’s playlist.

Between the heatwave we’re experiencing here in Toronto, and the movie  Magic Mike opening today, I’m feeling a little…warm.

Add an upcoming long weekend and the Pride Parade into the mix, and perhaps you can understand why I’m also feeling quite…sparkly.

So if you’re not in the mood to sing and dance, stop reading now!

On the other hand, if you’re like me and feeling ready for a party…


Have a great weekend everyone!

Thanks to Slate.com for the lovely view!

12 thoughts on “Words Set to Music For Friday, June 29th

  1. call me maybe! oh that’s hilarious. it’s the first time i’ve seen the entire video and it’s hilarious. we’re doing a lipdub next weekend. i’ll post the link when it’s done. hi-larious.

  2. loved the playlist! very fun and summery! and i read that you are in toronto! i live in the uk, but grew up in toronto…. yay for the Tdot!

    • Thanks Shireen! So glad that other people can enjoy my crazy musical tastes. And hooray for the Tdot indeed! I’m so happy we’ve connected 🙂

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