…Make that 100% Perspiration…

After yesterday’s post where I bragged blogged about how easy it tends to be for me to come up with post topics, today I’m finding myself a bit

at a loss for words.

I suspect the universe is trying to tell me something here, most likely something not very subtle about my bragging blogging habits, but in my defence…

It’s hot in Toronto today.

…really hot.

…44 degrees Celsius hot.

That’s about 112 degrees Fahrenheit to my American readers.

It’s true. I Googled it.

All I can think of is the song that’s been stuck in my head since I was in line at Starbucks this morning (getting an iced vanilla latte) so…

Here you go. You’re welcome.

(I promise I’ll be cooler on Monday).

9 thoughts on “…Make that 100% Perspiration…

  1. Wow , don’t you just hate it when that happens. But in your defense it is hot. Now if you can just send some of the hot stuff in the direction of the UK that would be great!

    • Tell me about it! It’s frustrating, that’s for sure. What do you do to overcome blogger’s block SJ?

      Haha yes, I would be happy to send some of this weather your way! There’s plenty here to go around 🙂

  2. i agree. it POURED with rain in London today…please send some heat our way….
    i hate blogger’s block. i wanted to write today, but nothing came out right! maybe tomorrow….

    • Exactly Shireen! That’s one of the things I love about writing – every day is a chance for you to find new ideas and topics. If nothing’s happening today…there’s always tomorrow! If nothing else, you know someone somewhere will post some new funny video on youtube 🙂

  3. Are you a Kathleen Edwards fan, by any chance? She’s a folk/rock/country singer and a fantastic and proud Canadian gal. I’ve met her twice after shows (once in Calgary, once in San Diego) and her song “Six O’Clock News” is stuck in my head right now. It’s a good one – catchy beat, good wordplay – and I think you mentioned once that you like some folk music, or perhaps that was just pictures of guys with guitars… I forget.

    • I love Kathleen Edwards!! She was featured ages ago on the Vinyl Cafe with Stuart Maclean and I’ve been a fan ever since. She seems completely grounded & charming…fantastic Canadian gal indeed! Amazing that you’ve gotten to meet her…now I find myself jealous of your writing abilities AND musical connections. Sigh. Will go play “Six O’ Clock News” to feel better 🙂

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