Coming Attractions

I’ve been searching for inspiration lately. 

I’ve also been sweating a lot. But that’s another story.

The good news is, I think I may have found some. Inspiration, that is. (I don’t have any trouble finding sweat. The forecast is still 35 degrees around here). Thanks to suggestions from you and some unplugged friends as well, I’m excited to share these previews, coming soon to a blog near you:

My (Virtual) Vacation: the subject of travel came up a lot when I started asking people what got them off the couch.  One of my best friends is fulfilling her dream of visiting the Canadian east coast  as we speak,  so I figured it’s about time I plan an ideal trip of my own. And you’re going to help!

Kitchen Confidential Chronicles: Food was another thing a lot of folks were passionate about. I haven’t been cooking much lately (see the 35 degree weather mentioned above) but I think it’s time to get back into it. Thanks to Shutterbug Sis for inspiring the title of this feature! (She just finished Anthony Bourdain’s book).

My Favourite TV Shows You’ve Never Heard Of: I’ve done one post on this topic already, but it’s going to become a regular feature, thanks to your feedback.

We’re still going to be talking about great music, the fantastic bloggers that are out there, the books I’m reading, and the trials tribulations adventures I get myself into in Corporate World and beyond. Plus, some fun things are planned for the 2012 Olympic Games! (I’m an Olympic junkie, I’ll warn you now. It’s not quite the same scale as my Christmas-fix, but it’s close).

We hope you enjoyed this look at your Coming Attractions. Your Feature Presentation will be starting soon! 

7 thoughts on “Coming Attractions

      • I would suggest New Zealand 😉 from what I have heard there are beautiful landscapes and adventures there. Also the land of the Lord of the Rings.

      • Fabulous idea! After all, if it’s a virtual vacation we might as well go big, right? 🙂 And I would love to see the scenery from the LOTR movies in person…

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