My (Virtual) Vacation: Where To?

If you’ve visited me here at Words Become Superfluous lately, you know I’m on a bit of an inspiration kick these days. I’m looking to refresh, recharge… and get out of the dreaded to work-to home-to couch rut.

And I’m looking to share my efforts with you! I figure that having you here to post for will keep me accountable (and off my butt). Besides that, you know I just love your company.

I’ve been asking people what recharges them, and “travel” has been one of the most popular answers. So, inspired by your collective wisdom and a friend who is on her own dream trip right now, I’ve decided to start mapping out a trip of my own. Here’s the plan:

  • I’d like to take the trip by the fall of 2013.
  • I’d like to go with at least one other person, but no more than a car-full. Make that a comfortable car-full, so…four people all together?
  • The destination has to be somewhere I’ve never been before.
  • It also has to be somewhere I can get to in 8 hours or less. (Unfortunately, Corporate World doesn’t give me that many vacation days, so I don’t want to spend too many on “getting there”).
  • I have to stay within a $1,200 – $1,600 budget.

I’ll start planning it all here over the summer, (and will be counting on tips and tricks from you well-travelled readers),  but first, the fun part: where to?

My ideas are below, but if you have suggestions, please do leave them in the comments!

Bermuda: All those Porter Airline commercials are starting to get to me – it would be nice to go somewhere tropical that I can get to in a couple of hours!

Calgary (in July): I’ve never been to the Stampede before, and feel like it’s something every Canadian girl needs to experience at least once!

Las Vegas: Another place I’ve never been to that I think everyone should see at least once.

Maine: Maybe I’ve just watched too many episodes of Gilmore Girls in my life, but the idea of Maine/Boston in the fall is very appealing…

San Francisco:  Technically, I’ve been here before, but it was only a layover on another trip, so I don’t think it counts.

What do you think? Where should my travels take me? You can pick as many answers as you want…I certainly haven’t been able to narrow it down yet!

11 thoughts on “My (Virtual) Vacation: Where To?

  1. Are you that close to San Francisco? There is no place on earth quite like Vegas, if you’ve never been… Also, it’s a fun, “the more the merrier” group trip. Flight and hotels are usually cheap. Food, shows, and gambling can add up though.

    • I’m in Toronto, so I’d have to fly to SF…mind you, I’d be flying to Vegas too! I think it would be fabulous for a group trip too! Food and shows would definitely add up for me, there are so many celebrity chefs who have restaurants there and I’d love to see a Cirque du Soleil show too 🙂

  2. If you are planning a driving holiday, Maine is your answer.
    10 hours in the car and you are there eating delicious crispy crab cakes!!!

  3. I’ve been to the Stampede, and honestly it’s not that much more than a glorified amusement park or county fair, albeit with chuckwagon races and some top musicians. I don’t think it’d change your life though.

    I haven’t been there, but Maine seems cool. Same thing for Bermuda. Las Vegas is a great place to go, but you have to make sure you’ve got the right friends there for it. Then again, it’s good to go while young. Arto and I (and about 8 other people) took a trip there for a young friend’s 21st birthday about a month ago. The fact that she was probably the last true friend that either of us had who wasn’t yet 21 probably influenced that choice. To get a lot out of the city, be prepared to spend some money, but even just seeing the place is fairly remarkable.

    • But Dave, the question we need to ask is: would your standard amusement park or country fair have cotton candy cupcakes, or a bacon sundae funnel cake? Maybe my life won’t change, but my arteries might!

      I’ve been hearing that Vegas is expensive, though it sounds like it has the potential to be well worth it. I’m pretty far past 21 at this point, but I’ll assume that I sound young-spirited enough to handle whatever the city can throw at me, and will take that as a compliment 🙂

      I think having the right friends along for the ride can make any trip. Some of my favourite getaways have been the ones where I didn’t even leave the city… I was in such great company that it didn’t matter!

      • Yeah, the stampede definitely has that kind of gross food that you regret for the entire day, if not the week.

        Vegas is probably worth it. Arto and I are also a fair bit past 21 as well, which is why we both realized we’d probably never have a friend who was turning 21 again. She’s a little firecracker who managed to find her way into our “coed, mid-to-late 20’s, plus a really good 56-year-old” basketball group because she’s the younger sister of someone I went to high school with. I guess I just assumed that since your “nostalgic items” looked a lot like those from my preteen and teen years, that you’re probably about the same age as we are. So, yes, you sound young-spirited enough to handle whatever Las Vegas can throw at you.

        I agree about needing the right friends for a trip. I’ve had my fair share of good and bad road trips in my ’98 Chevrolet Astro van (R.I.P. as of last week).

      • I always seem to forget that “regret” part… a past event planning job involving 80 dozen Krispy Kremes wasn’t enough to change my sugar habit, so I think I’m stuck with it now!

        Sounds like an awesome group to experience Vegas with! I’m glad the trip was a success. And you’re right, we probably are about the same age. Angie called me out on my nostalgia items too, when I first asked her to guest post. (Luckily she agreed to do it anyway – even though I was born a year after she had her childhood-defining-Poltergeist-experience).

        Sorry to hear about the Astro, though it sounds like it had quite a run!

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