If This Blog Was a Book Club, I’d Be the One Drinking All the Wine

… or is that whine? Both words apply in this case, I think.

The past few weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, and I’ve been going out a lot lately. It’s been a lot of fun (which is where the wine comes in), but it’s also been an adjustment, since I’m typically much more of a homebody.

Yes; this is the part where the whine comes in. Oh yes; I know how obnoxious it is to complain about how things have been so exciting lately that I  can’t possibly  keep up with it all… we’re talking a “Mark Paul Gosselaar when he was in SBTB:The College Years and before he starred in Franklin and Bash” level of obnoxious, right?

Don’t worry, that’s all you’ll hear from me on the subject! I was just hoping to make Shutterbug Sis laugh (and use that great wine/whine homonym) before I apologized. We visited last night and in between manicures, she called me out on my lack of literary-themed posts lately.

She’s right, of course, so this post is my mea culpa to her, and to all of you, for going so long without an update on my 2012 Reading Challenge and The Great Gatsby.

I have downloaded the book onto my e-reader and I have started reading it, I promise. And I will be talking about it with you next week. I really really will.

But in the meantime….

I’ll save you a seat!

….does anyone want to go grab a drink on a patio with me?

4 thoughts on “If This Blog Was a Book Club, I’d Be the One Drinking All the Wine

  1. Myself,,,I’m totally glad you have been out and about,enjoying this fine weather we don’t get for too long in this country,,,,,plus that means,,,I still have time to get the book,,,and follow along with yah!!
    P.S. I got your gift(s),,,thanks soooo much,,,muah!

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