Friday in Corporate World: The Musical

I need to open today’s post with  a shout out to my friend Andrew, who has taken on the responsibility of acting as my own personal DJ. Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am to know this guy?

Corporate World has been challenging over the past couple of weeks, as shake ups within various departments have resulted in some of us (aka Amb) taking on some new responsibilities in addition to our usual fun and games.

Andrew was able to talk me down from my “how am I going to get all of this done” hysteria by pointing out that a new job pairs very nicely with…new age 80s music. Nothing soothes the soul like a little dose of Duran Duran in the morning, am I right?

We mapped out my day at the office for your listening enjoyment (and my sanity). So without further ado, I present:

Friday in Corporate World: The Musical

20 thoughts on “Friday in Corporate World: The Musical

  1. First the blackberry won’t play all of the videos because they weren’t available for mobile browsers, and then the browser crashed in the middle of my comment.

    I’m going to have to watch them all on a desktop (maybe at work? Haha)

    Considering how much I dislike my job these days (not the work, just the people I’m supposed to collaborate with), I’ve created my own playlist:

    Glass Tiger – don’t forget me when I’m gone
    Flock of seagulls – I ran (so far away)
    Weird al yankovic – eat it

    You were right Amber, working for the weekend it is hahaha

    • Oh no! Sorry to hear that you had to deal with technical difficulties first thing in the morning, that sucks. But I fully support you watching them at your desk at work, if that helps!

      Excellent playlist! It was hard for me not to include I Ran (So Far Away) but I thought that one Flock of Seagulls track would suffice, and that “Telecommunication” was pretty appropriate, considering where I spend my weekdays 🙂

      • I’ve come to expect technical difficulties from your employer and RIM at this point, just par for the course.

        I can’t fault you for the flock of seagulls song you included, it was all too fitting and I don’t remember ever hearing it.

        Work could be worse I guess (it could be Monday).

        Looking forward to next Friday’s playlist

      • Surprisingly enough, you’re not the first person to tell me that, lol.

        I’m very proud of myself for surprising you of all people with an 80s track – yay!

        You’re right, it could indeed.

        Next Friday is already in the works!

  2. I love all of these — especially Take On Me! The song, the video, the singer (*sigh*) — all so great and so perfectly ’80s. I can’t hear that Loverboy song without thinking of this skit (with sadness for the loss of two iconic actors) —

    That Walking on the Ceiling video was groundbreaking — I remember it was the toast of the town when it premiered.

    Hope you enjoy the weekend and can fully decompress!

  3. What a great list and I loved Loverboy! I was lucky enough to see them at Live Aid in Philadelphia decades ago (although the fact that I went with my dad was a buzz kill). My only build to the list would be that so called super group Asia. They had that “Time Will Tell” video with the gymnast that had me mesmerized. Thanks for the great weekend send off

  4. Holy 1983, Batman! I love this idea! It’s funny: we were just talking about Mike Reno and his red leather pants yesterday. Perhaps your DJ friend could put together further playlists to help us get through other trying aspects of our lives. The 1970’s playlist for surviving a family get-together would be a good start, methinks 🙂

    • Red leather pants are forever!

      I’ve talked to Andrew and we are ALL OVER this. It’s not like either of us are looking for distractions at the office or anything… 🙂

      Stay tuned for a 70s playlist coming soon to a blog near you… I already have big plans for this Friday’s playlist, but don’t worry, we’ll make this happen. Thanks for the fabulous suggestion!

  5. I liked the Loverboy Working for the Weekend song, but it feels to me that the other songs actually fit in and are products of the corporate world. Hang in there, and keep going with the blog.

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