Sharing the Love

Did you guys watch the Olympic closing ceremonies last night? What did you think? Shutterbug Sis came over and we watched them together; we had different favourite performances, but one thing we both agreed on was that, now that the Games are over, we’d miss our daily source of drama and entertainment. Luckily, that won’t be a problem for all of you because …

You have me!

I’m just kidding. We all know my life isn’t that dramatic, otherwise this would be a whole other kind of blog. I’m going to do my best to be entertaining for you, though!

During the 100th Post-a-Palooza and the Superfluous Olympics, two lovely ladies nominated me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Thank you to Jessica at and Sara Ann at Jessica writes about life and literature, and Sara Ann writes about the joys of appreciating good food, and both of them are just … lovely!

Also during that time, the beautiful Becca at nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

I know. I can’t believe it either.

Anyway, Becca’s blog is about fashion and beauty and it’s just … yup, you guessed it, beautiful!

All three of these ladies’ blogs will be added to my Other People’s Words page later this week, so be sure to stop by and visit.

Now, if you’re thinking that listening to me brag talk about the awards that I’ve been lucky enough to receive aren’t your idea of Monday entertainment, well just hang on a minute – we haven’t gotten to the rules yet.

Yes, these awards have rules attached to them, and yes, of course I’m going to put my own Superfluous spin on things. It’s how I roll. The first rule is easy, and it’s one that I’m more than happy to follow: link back to the blogs that nominated you. Check! 

The second rule is where I’m going to try and shake things up a bit, and provide the aforementioned entertainment. Both of these awards require the recipient to reveal seven interesting things about themselves. Interesting might cut it on a Tuesday, sure, but on a Monday? No, I think you all deserve something a little extra special on a Monday. So, because I love you, I present:

Seven (Really Embarrassing) Television Shows and Songs That Amber (Really) Likes

I’m Canadian – I can’t help it. Speaking of which…

Although, I have to say, one of the actors featured there is now a regular character on a recent Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of – bonus points if you can figure out who! But that’s enough trying to postpone the inevitable. On with the list!

I owned this album … on casette tape. And I played it so much I wore it out. Next!

You’ll notice I don’t like the “cool” REM version of this song…of course I don’t. (I might be somewhere in that audience, by the way).

Though Jenn Grant, who sings the song featured in the opening credits, is actually way cool.

Why yes, I do know all the words, why do you ask? Not sure if I can top that one, but here goes…

Yup, I’m probably in the crowd there too. (And singing along. And jumping up and down like a crazy woman. By this point, are you even surprised?)

Well, there you have it! The third rule states that I need to share the love with some of my fellow bloggers, but since I can’t imagine any of them wanting to be associated with this particular playlist, I’ll save that for later in the week.

If I haven’t scarred you for life and scared you away forever, come back tomorrow for something a little different. And please, feel free to leave your own embarrassing tv and song choices in the comments… anyone? Anyone..?

8 thoughts on “Sharing the Love

    • You’re right, she has! I love that she’s able to make her own films the way she wants outside of the Hollywood system…oh I feel so much better now! Thank you 🙂

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