Wordful Wednesday for August 15th: Special Sharing the Love Edition

For someone who’s been claiming that she’s been about to “share the love” since Monday, I have to say … I’ve been keeping an awful lot of it to myself this week. Since one of my (former) co-workers really has left Corporate World to go back to school, my days have been steadily getting busier.

To cope with the steady influx of requests appearing in my inbox, I’ve been filling my off hours with my own steady influx of Due South reruns, baseball games, and my famous peanut butter marshmallow squares.  By now though, I think my heart needs a break – both from Const. Benton Fraser’s baby blues and from all that peanut butter. I think it’s time to share the love!

Dear Lovely Bloggers,

Today’s word is meritorious. It means to be deserving of reward and worthy of recompense, and it’s dedicated to each of you. You might not have gotten much attention lately, what with the major excitement and major blog-crushing of The 100th-Post-a-Palooza and the Superfluous Olympics, but I appreciate every time you read one of my posts and I am inspired by all of yours .

You know I love you more than my peanut butter marshmallow squares:

Fortyteen Candles and The Sugarlump

Swonderful Smarvelous and Life and All Things Love

Please help yourself to some delicious blog awards and feel free to follow whichever of the rules   you find the tastiest.

Love Amber

9 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for August 15th: Special Sharing the Love Edition

  1. Amber. We need to chat. First, new TV shows to watch, and now great new blogs to read? Girl! When am I supposed to sleep? 😀 jkidding! Great choices and after a quick glance, can’t wait to dive in a bit more. BTW..already located Homeland Season 1 on my OnDemand channel. Who needs to sleep? zzzzzzzzzzzz xo

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