My Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of: Bunheads

I made my notes for today’s post while I was watching So You Think You Can Dance, which is appropriate, since dance is a big part of today’s featured television show, but a little counterproductive, since my notes say things like:

“so expressive … great extension … SPARKLES … passionate about their craft … I LOVE BOLLYWOOD!”

Sigh. However, I will try my best to honour my craft and rise above this … we’ll see how it goes. Today’s show you’ve never heard of is Bunheads.

Bunheads was created by Amy Sherman-Palladino, who is best known as the writer and showrunner of Gilmore Girls. Bunheads focuses on a mother and daughter-in-law who run a dance studio in a sleepy coastal town full of eccentric locals who do eccentric things like create life size nude sculptures out of hubcabs.

To my male readers: I’m sorry. You can go now. I’ll see you tomorrow. Thanks for stopping by.

To my girls: if you liked Gilmore Girls, I’m betting you’ll like this show too. The conversations are wiplash-inducing fast and chock full of pop culture references. And – Kelly Bishop is in it! And she wears crazy dance-teacher-lady outfits! And drinks a lot of wine!! Really, what else do you need to know?

I love you Kelly! And your scarf.

Despite its eccentricities, I actually think the show offers a very realistic portrayal of the pressures faced by teenage girls in the dance world. Kelly Bishop’s students are all there for different reasons, and are all dealing with their own problems and insecurities. And the actresses playing them all seem to have a genuine love of dance, which comes across on screen.

I’m late to the dance party; Season One of Bunheads just finished airing. Visitย to watch episodes online.

11 thoughts on “My Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of: Bunheads

  1. Are ya kidding me? You already got me hooked on Homeland in one, ONE episode. Now you add in a Gilmore Girls like show to the mix? You can mail the case of Red Bull or Monster to the same address I gave you ๐Ÿ™‚ I named my cruiser bike Lorelai, does that give you any idea how much I liked GG? ๐Ÿ™‚ Sleep? What is that?

  2. Haha, from the description, it sounds like a peculiar mix of Dance Moms and Twin Peaks. I’m all maxed out on shows right now, but I’ll keep my mind open about this one in case I ever end up watching it.

  3. I. Love. This. Show. (1) It’s Sutton Foster, who is amazing. (2) It’s about ballet and dance with a plot. Though the plot is very ABCFamily, it’s cute, and the dancers are great!

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