Coming Soon: My Life As A Movie

Good morning! Happy Thursday. I don’t have a Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of scheduled for today, but I wanted to chat with you about our programming anyway. If you visited me here yesterday, then you already know that I’m going on vacation tomorrow! (And you probably already know that I’m pretty excited about it, too 🙂 )

The fun will continue while I’m unplugged up north for a week – it will continue on an “Amb’s Unplugged But Still Can’t Stop Talking” slightly modified schedule – but it will continue nonetheless. There will be posts next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday featuring a brand new mini-series that I like to call:

My Life As A Movie

Naturally, the idea for this series came from a television show! Last week’s Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of, to be exact. I’ve talked about a lot of great shows, but Bunheads might be the one that I’m the most emotionally attached to. (With the exception of Homeland, of course – I love you Mandy!) I think the reason that I find Bunheads so appealing is that, in the perfect imaginary movie version of my life, I would totally live in a city called Paradise and Kelly Bishop would totally be my mother-in-law.

Kelly and me and Kelly’s scarves would be very happy together. I can feel it.

So, next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, we’ll look at some of my favourite elements of pop culture – the ones that would have a starring role in my life as a movie.

If your life was a movie – and you could write your own script – where would it take place? Let me know in the comments!

7 thoughts on “Coming Soon: My Life As A Movie

    • Mmm, somewhere European … with fabulous outdoor cafes and fabulous looking people everywhere … sounds perfect!

      Also, fun fact: the Gilmore Girls pilot was actually shot in my hometown!

  1. Big giant ditto on the “SHUT UP! Seriously????” Remember what I named my bike? 🙂 So envious..really? You grew up where Lorelai and Rory were filmed, and you are just revealing this now? If I didn’t already heart you so much, well, well, oh, I guess just makes it even more so. You have to be part of my next Road Trip, for sure. I have no idea now, where my movie would take place…except maybe next door or down the street from you. 🙂

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