My Life As A Movie, Part Three

I have my set, I have my costars, I have my music … what else do I need, to finish off this perfect imaginary movie version of my life?

An ending, of course!

I want something dramatic, something iconic, something memorable. I want Judd Nelson punching his fist in the air on a football field. I want Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan in an elevator, holding hands and not talking. I want Sully to come through that closet door and see Boo!

I want all of that, and more. I have no idea how my movie’s going to end … and that’s what I like best about it!


Thanks for coming along while I tried out a new mini-series. I hope you had fun! I’ll be back from vacation next week and am looking forward to hearing about your own perfect imaginary movie lives. In the meantime, have a great weekend everyone!

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