2012 Reading Challenge: Four Down, Eight to Go Continued …

Today we’re taking a 180 degree turn and heading from the gleaming buildings and dangerous highways of modern-day Oslo to the thatched roofs (and just as dangerous) woodland paths of 19th century England. Today we’re talking about Death Comes to Pemberley.

One of the (many) depictions of Elizabeth Bennet that are out there. Girl’s even got her own blog!

If you’re a regular reader, it won’t come as a surprise that I chose this book. (I love Pride and Prejudice. A lot). What did come as a surprise, however, is how much I enjoyed experiencing events through the perspective of one Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy the Second. Elizabeth Bennett is probably one of the most beloved fictional heroines of all time – I just Googled her name and got 1,830,000 results in less than half a second – but I have to say that it was a nice change to get inside Darcy’s head for a while. Particularly since he’s what you might call  the strong, silent type, and doesn’t say all that much in P&P. (Mind you, it could be that he’s just feeling drastically outnumbered – there is an awful lot of estrogen in that novel!)

So I’m naming Darcy as my Charismatic Character for this one, if only because I feel it’s high time he gets credit for his excellent detective skills, and not just his inappropriate declarations of  love.

If I’m being totally honest, I have to admit that I loved this book for mostly sentimental reasons. I don’t think it’s as well written as PD James’ other novels, especially the ones in the Adam Dalgliesh series. That didn’t stop me from enjoying myself though, and if you’re looking for  a light, easy read (with a little bit of murder and mayhem thrown in for good measure) then this could be the book for you!

10 thoughts on “2012 Reading Challenge: Four Down, Eight to Go Continued …

  1. I read this too and wasn’t nearly as wowed as I had hoped, but liked it more for sentimental reasons…That said, I am not a maven on mystery (though I am a P.D. James and Ruth Rendell fan – loved the St. Zita Society – her last book)..I agree with you her this wasn’t one of her best, but she brought me back to characters I have loved..

    • Hi Mimi! It sounds like we’re on exactly the same page on this one (page – reading humour – ha!). I also really liked the chance to catch up with these characters and see how things turned out for them.

      I don’t know Ruth Rendell but am intrigued now … I’m off to Google the St Zita Society!

  2. Amb, I can’t decide if you are good influence on me, or not..you continue to add things to my ‘i must see, watch, read’ this. If my boss, hubs, son come looking for you, you will know why. In all fairness, you have some wonderful suggestions my friend. And if BOTH you and Mimi suggest something, I’m in! 🙂 xo

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