Itching for Answers

Happy First Day of October everyone!  Is there lovely, crisp fall weather where you are? Because things are feeling decidedly autumnal here in Toronto, and I am loving it.

My apologies for the later than usual post; I’ve got a bit of a, erm, situation happening here that’s been keeping me a bit distracted today.  It’s a little awkward … but of course that’s not going to stop me from sharing it with you! After all, you’ve already seen my pyjama pants. 


So.  This weekend I was all set to fully enjoy the aforementioned autumnal weather, when I noticed a rash on my hip. I assumed it was just dry skin and went on my merry way. However. Now might be a good time to mention that my merry way included coming home from my super strenuous weekend activities of going for  walk and getting a pumpkin spice latte to … take a nap.

No problem, I think to myself, this is just from Christian Bale keeping me up the night before. (Batman Begins was on tv. What did you think I meant?!?) I just need to catch up on some rest. And so my merry way continues along until it’s time to meet my parents and Shutterbug Sis for dinner. When we arrive, I casually mention that the skin on my hip is bothering me (this was probably right around the time that I was debating going casually pants-less to dinner, because I was just, you know, casually itchy) and my mom, in her infinite mom-wisdom, takes a look at my hip and says:

Hmm … and it’s  just on that one spot on your hip? You know hon, you should probably get that looked at … it’s probably nothing … except that it might be SHINGLES

So of course as soon as she said that it instantly got a hundred times itchier and I became instantly paranoid and convinced that I have GROWN UP CHICKEN POX.

“Gross.” says Shutterbug Sis. “Can you put your pants on and get off my couch?”


I’m going to see the doctor this afternoon. (Shutterbug Sis got over her gross-ness and very kindly let me take the appointment that she had previously booked.)  I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. I’m sure it’s just dry skin.  I’ll keep you posted.



But at least it will make for some good blogging material. As my friend and fellow blogger Deb says,

This is seriously hilarious on a not funny but man is it hilarious front.

20 thoughts on “Itching for Answers

    • Thank you! I now have a prescription for some lovely antivirals so I’m sure the itching will be under control shortly.

      And thank you for the nomination!! Any sisterhood you’re a part of is definitely one I want to be in. You just made my day. Will be posting about this later this week 🙂

      • I’m glad you’ve been to the doctor!! Aveeno baths until the antibiotics kick in!! And you’re welcome – it wouldn’t be a sisterhood if you weren’t a part…

  1. OMG Amb..I had grown up chicken pox too when I was 17…I am so sorry for you, it’s yucky, itchy and well, itchy and yucky. But you have a blog…blogs didn’t exist when I was 17…can’t wait to see what fodder the pox will turn into! Be well my friend! Does this mean days off work, with imaginary boyfriends? Please tell me yes…??? xo

    • Aww, thanks Bonnie! You’re so right, having the blog to vent on (and lovely friends like you to sympathize with!) makes a HUGE difference! And yes, this will mean working from home in the afternoons and having some quality time with my imaginary boyfriends … and you, of course! xo.

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  3. Oooh… grown up Chicken Pox is a real bugger. Been there, done that, got the scars. And I tell you, I got a combo deal, with Measles thrown in for good measure. Every oriface itched and burnt. Apparently, it even attacked my spinal cord. If I was you, I would ask for strongest painkiller the Dr can prescribe and go to bed for 2 weeks. Strongs.

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