Friday Fun, Part Two

I wanted to take a minute today to thank everyone who shared their thoughts about the format here at Words Become Superfluous this past week.

Last Friday, I announced a giveaway on my Facebook page and asked for your opinion on some new blog layouts that I’ve been thinking about trying. This weekend, I’m going to be putting some of those thoughts into action – when I’m not busy eating turkey, that is – and I have you to thank for it!

I appreciate all of your suggestions and ideas. You give me so much positive energy (particularly this week, while I’ve been battling my wicked and weird virus) every time you stop by to visit, and I’m really looking forward to translating that sense of fun onto the computer screen!

In the meantime, I wanted to leave you with some Thanksgiving fun, courtesy of the weird and wonderful brains behind the website Enjoy!

Comic from

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

And Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Canucks!

13 thoughts on “Friday Fun, Part Two

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Amber,,
    Get lots of rest,,,drink numerous glasses of vino (from a box of course),,and plenty of Turkey,,,that will cure that nasty cold and virus that’s been going around,,,I fought it off for like 2weeks!

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