Oh Baby!

I’ve just got a quick note for you instead of a regular post today guys – I’m playing hooky from Corporate World so that I can spend time with my cousins and their brand new baby! They’re here from Vancouver for work, and they just happened to bring The World’s Most Adorable Three and a Half Month Old with them.

We’re going to look for Hallow’een costumes this afternoon. If we can’t find anything, our back-up plan is to hit up a craft store so that we can make His Adorableness into a fried egg (a white onesie with a yellow piece of felt sewn onto the middle). Wish us luck!




From gab.giggle.com

12 thoughts on “Oh Baby!

  1. Ohhhhhh JEALOUS!!!! Give that baby a squish from me and to Mark and Sue too!! Wish I could be there! He’s so cute, everytime I see a picture of him I just have to smile! Love love love the halloween costume idea 😀 Have fun!

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