Weathering the (Franken)Storm

If you’re reading this on the Eastern US Coast, I hope you’re tucked in with a supply of candles, matches, bottled water and batteries (not to mention books, blankets, and board games – why is it that all of my survival gear starts with the letter “B”? And yes, books are without a doubt considered survival gear at my house).

The impending Frankenstorm


Here in Toronto, things aren’t expected to get quite as bad – they’re predicting 90-100 km/h winds and about 15 mL of rain tonight – which means that yes, Corporate World expects yours truly to show up tomorrow morning, whether the electricity’s on and her hair straightener is working or not. Now there’s a frightening thought!

Me. Tomorrow
(photo credit n1cholas from Flickriver)


In the meantime, all of this media coverage about the great, impending Frankenstorm (is that a great name for a weather phenomenon, or what? El Nino, Schmel Nino!) has made me feel somewhat nostalgic for the storms of my childhood.

Mind you, I’m sure I wouldn’t be viewing this storm through such rosy-coloured glasses if there was an actual chance that my home might be flooded … but since it seems likely that the only horror I’ll have to face tomorrow is showing up for work looking like a poodle that got dressed in the dark after sticking her paw in an electrical socket … I think a little nostalgia is in order.

My favourite storm that I experienced growing up actually happened when I was a university student, and thought that I was a grown up already. It was during the summer, when the intense heat caused lightening storms and power outages with very little actual rain. I was working at a golf course at the time, and got sent home after my boss realized that there was only so much menu designing I could do without my computer. In the dark.

After driving home, feeling very responsible, having treated each blacked-out traffic light like a four way stop and only honking at someone once … or twice … I went down the street to my best friend Andrea’s house. I knew the rest of Andrea’s family was out of town, and that she was alone, so I wanted to make sure she was ok. (Remember: responsible!)

Well, Andrea was one step ahead of me, let me tell you, because she had already gone through her fridge and freezer and determined which were the priority items that she couldn’t allow to thaw out or spoil. Naturally, she had chosen the ice cream and chocolate milk.

So we walked back to my house, and sat on the front steps and had ice cream and chocolate milk for dinner, and stayed up talking until we decided it was too late at night for her to walk back to her house and that we’d better have a sleepover, instead.

It was, after all, the responsible thing to do.

Stay safe out there everyone! And if you have the chance, share some chocolate milk with someone you love.



9 thoughts on “Weathering the (Franken)Storm

  1. Sitting watching the US news,,,tweeting with my American friends,,in that area. Listening to the wind getting stronger outside,,,I’m not gonna lie,,I went to the dollar store and bought a candle,,just in case,,,and ewwww,,the weather network is now saying 80percent chance of snow here 😦

    • I hear ya! I’ve got my flashlight here beside me and candles out, just in case … hopefully the snow will hold off for you out there! Stay warm!!

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