This show. THIS SHOW!

Well, the good news is that, although the lights flickered on and off a few times, and although it sounded like a tree branch (or ten) was about to come crashing through my bedroom window, the power stayed on last night. Which meant that I made it to Corporate World (relatively) on time this morning without looking (relatively) like an electroshocked poodle.

The bad news is that I probably made about as much sense as an electroshocked poodle, because all I could think about was this week’s episode of Homeland.

Now, I realize that this might not give me a lot of (ok, any) credibility with my boss, but oh my gosh. You guys! This show. THIS SHOW! I can’t even write about it. All caps and exclamation marks seem inadequate, at this point. I won’t talk about plot specifics, in case you’re not all caught up on your current episodes yet, but I will say that the writing and acting in episode five, called “Q&A” grabbed and held my attention so tightly that I couldn’t look away, not even for a second, not even when I really, really wanted to. (If you’ve watched the episode, then you know which scene I’m talking about. Even now, I’m flinching just from typing vaguely about it!)

It was the most powerful episode of television I’ve seen in, well, in a long time, and the thing that made it so powerful for me was words. No special effects. No shocking scandals. Just two people, in a room, talking. Using their words. Raw, truthful, beautiful, brutal, words.

Over at, Matt Zoller Seitz sums up my love and appreciation for this episode far more eloquently then me when he says,

It’s about undoing damage and healing grievous wounds. It’s harrowing, moving, and ultimately inspiring …

Oh, you guys! Watch this episode, if you haven’t already, so that we can talk about it in the comments. This show. THIS SHOW!

(We don’t have to stick to Homeland. Have you ever been haunted by a particular episode of a tv show? What was it? What made it resonate so strongly with you? Tell me all about it!)

14 thoughts on “This show. THIS SHOW!

    • You really do! Especially since we apparently have to wait until FEBRUARY for new episodes of Community (sob!) you need something to fill the void!

  1. I freaked out because Broadband was down last night and I couldn’t watch paid TV! No storms, no one to blame but Foxtel grrrrr. Now that resonates because it’s sooo depressing missing out on my weekly American reality shows… I know I’m sad 😦

    • Not at all! I get very cranky if I miss my weekly instalment of NCIS or NCIS LA – and that’s not exactly high quality scripted television! (I just like watching Chris O Donnell run around).

  2. I have never watched Homeland, what’s it about?…I guess I have to add it to my list of shows! My goodness that list is getting long! One episode I can remember being completely entralled with was one from Grey’s Anatomy Season 2…the one with the homemade bomb that was stuck in a mans chest. Near the end when Merideth has to remove it ever so slowly from his chest and “Breathe” by Anna Nalick is playing…and then the bomb squad guy takes it down the hallway and explodes! I just couldn’t leave the living room, not even to pee! Ahhh what did we do before PVRs??

    • Oh MAN!! What an episode!!! I remember that one so well … and the bomb squad guy is saying, “I know I’ve been yelling at you all day. Pretend I’m someone you like.” And then McDreamy is there and its so romantic and sad and TENSE at the same time!!! Whew!

      Homeland, meanwhile, is about the CIA and spies and terrorists and identity and family and love and … Oh man. THIS SHOW!

    • I haven’t! For the exact reason we always talk about – too much tv and not enough time! Ahhh! Perhaps I will have a marathon over the holidays …

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