Amb’s Sing Off

I’ve been all about the tunes this week, haven’t I guys? Well, I might as well keep my streak going and sing out the end of our week together!

Here’s what I have playing on “repeat” on my headphones while I’m reviewing all my web components in Corporate World and hitting (gulp) “Publish” for one after the other:

This might be one of those times where I like the Glee version of a song just as much as, and maybe even a scootch more than, the original! Let’s look at the original too, for comparison’s sake, shall we?

*warning: Nate uses language here that the Glee kids don’t, so you might not want to play this one at work! (Or use headphones, and then you can rock out like yours truly).

It’s a tough call, but one thing’s for sure: I love Nate to pieces, but the Glee kids make much better wardrobe decisions.

Have a fabulous weekend all!

7 thoughts on “Amb’s Sing Off

  1. This is my favourite song at the moment 🙂 so THANK YOU for posting, I like both versions. Everytime it comes on the radio I drum the steering wheel and sway. Yes I have had many strange looks, but I CAN’T HELP IT, I love the beat, the words, the way he speaks in his solo part..I sold my soul for this?
    I’m excited as I write and listen.. I wish I could I figure out how to post U Tube clips 😦
    I’ve finished writing but no I’m not leaving this page till the song is done and dusted!!

    • My pleasure! I’m so glad that you enjoy the song as much as I do! I do the same thing while I’m in the car … and at my desk … and in the elevator … 😉

      Posting to youtube is easier than you think! If you look underneath the video you’ll see a “Share” button. Click that and then click the button that says “Embed”. Copy that text. When you’re in WordPress writing your blog post, click over to the “Text” tab. Then all you have to do is paste your copied youtube text wherever you want the video to be! Ta da!!

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