Weekend Update

Did you all enjoy your weekends? I hope you were all able to have as much fun as I did! There was a lot going on here at the pocket-sized place: my mom and I had our annual holiday visit this weekend! In between having all sorts of good chats and an amazing dinner and just generally organizing my life, we managed to

… wait for it …

get all of my Christmas shopping done!

I know !!! I can’t believe it either.

Mind you, I still have to wrap all of my presents and write all of my Christmas cards (and actually put them in the mail this time, unlike previous years) but, you know, I’m leaving the wolf and enjoying the fact that I got such a big “To Do” crossed off my list!

Ahhhhhhhhh. *amb relaxes on a mountain of credit card receipts*

Oh, and we also saw the most amazing ballet performance I’ve been to in, well, maybe ever.

More on that later this week! But in the meantime, lest you think I was the only member of my family who was productive this weekend, here’s a snapshot of what Shutterbug Sis got up to:

Yoga under the Christmas tree! How cute is my little Sis?!?


6 thoughts on “Weekend Update

  1. I Shutterbugs picture at the Eaton Centre?
    I got a little bit done on the wknd,,,and bought older daughters online today because it was Mega Monday or something like that where your supposed to get deals,,,only to find out the no shipping deal,,was for american”s only AFTER the money was taking from my pay pal account,,,,sigh,,,,at least I still got her what she really wanted.

    • I’m sure she’ll be happy to open it at Christmas! Makes the not-so-mega Monday more worth it, right?

      And yes, Shutterbug Sis’s yoga class was indeed at the Eaton’s Centre 🙂 Good eye!

  2. Dear Amb,

    I have really enjoyed getting to know you, and I really like you. But, I am sorry, our relationship has come to an end. It’s all your fault, I hope you realize. Getting me to listen to, and like holiday songs before December 1 wasn’t enough for you, I see. Now, you had to go and finish your shopping before December. 1. I wish you all the best.

    ps… 😉

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