My Favourite Holiday Song You’ve Never Heard Of: The Twelve Days of Christmas

Ok, so you’ve probably heard of The Twelve Days of Christmas. Drummers drumming, and all that. But trust me, you haven’t heard it like this!

Launch day is finally here! My website is officially up and running in Corporate World so I’m celebrating tonight by kicking off a new feature here on the blog! (I’m celebrating with dirty martinis too, but those will come later. I thought it might be a little risky to do things the other way around).

Fozzie bear

A snappy dresser AND he has a lovely singing voice!
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Every Tuesday from now until December 25th, I’ll feature a song that I find particularly festive here at Words Become Superfluous. Some of them might be new to you, and some of them might simply be new versions of old favourites. There may be tears, there may be laughter … and The Muppets may make an appearance. I’m just saying.

Today’s song comes to you courtesy of a group that I’ve mentioned here before: Straight No Chaser.

These guys all have serious talent, but they don’t take themselves too seriously … which makes them a heck of a lot of fun to listen to!


Thanks to everyone for being such amazing cheerleaders over the past couple of weeks while I tackled this project – you really brightened up some long dark days!

13 thoughts on “My Favourite Holiday Song You’ve Never Heard Of: The Twelve Days of Christmas

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