Wordful Wednesday for November 28, 2012

Today’s word is inspired by something that happened early this morning.

I learned something very exciting that, as soon as I heard it, I knew I had to share with Shutterbug Sis right away. Has that ever happened to you? You come across something that reminds you  of someone so strongly that you just have to drop what you’re doing and tell them all about it right this very minute?

That was me this morning. So I dropped what I was doing and messaged Shutterbug Sis on the computer to tell her all about it right that very minute.

Guess what????? I asked

<link to a people.com article about the exact thing I wanted to tell her about>? She answered.

Today’s word is contemporaneously: together, in sync, at the same point in time

In other words

When it comes to hearing about sequels to our favourite 90s television shows* Shutterbug Sis and I get our news contemporaneously!

*You guys!! The Disney Channel is filming a new series as a sequel to Boy Meets World! And it’s going to be about Corey and Topanga’s daughter! And it’s going to be called Girl Meets World! My inner 11 year old is so excited right now!!!

7 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for November 28, 2012

    • Hahaha you’re more up to date on your tv gossip than me then!

      The show was pretty straightforward – average kid grows up in the suburbs in Philadelphia. Just about him dealing with friends, family, school, the usual! It followed him and his group of friends from grade school through to college. It was a really sweet show – Shutterbug Sis and I kind of feel like we grew up with it 🙂

    • It IS a long word … come to think of it, most of my Wednesday words are … hmm, this might be a good challenge for me! Stay tuned and see if I can keep things short and sweet next week!

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