Who’s The Porcupine In This Pine Tree? Me, That’s Who

Yes, you read that right. Today I feel like a porcupine in a pine tree.

I had intended to tell you all about this fabulous new holiday children’s book that I saw over the weekend – ok, so reading it won’t count toward my “12 in ’12 Reading Challenge, but it is so stinking cute that you won’t even mind – and instead, all I feel like telling you about is how much I relate to the main character.

Who is a porcupine.

In a pine tree.

Yes, I’m feeling a wee bit prickly today. Corporate World had better watch out!

A Porcupine in a Pine Tree

Check me out.
I’m in a pine tree.
And I’m prickly.

I suppose it’s part of the natural progression of things, considering what’s been going on, and I suppose it’s better than feeling deplanated  … but you guys know me! You know how I HATE feeling prickly!

Anyway … While I’m waiting for this feeling to pass (and trying not to hang up on anyone at the office) I’ll watch this video. I highly recommend it if you’re feeling a little prickly, yourself. Or even if you’re not!

love amb

7 thoughts on “Who’s The Porcupine In This Pine Tree? Me, That’s Who

  1. So reblogging!! Cause it’s cute and Canadian!
    I’m sorry you feel prickly Amb,,,I hope you get back on that horse again soon. You should try the Match.com,,,I signed up Sun,,,and I am talking now to a great guy,,,(hope I didn’t just jinx myself)!

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