Meet the Neighbours

Now that the hustle and bustle of Christmas Day has come and gone, I’ve settled in to hibernation mode at my parents’ house. With both New Year’s Eve and a milestone birthday fast approaching (on Friday – eeek!) I’m not in any rush to get back to city life. The twinkle lights are still strung at the pocket-sized place, waiting to welcome me back, but for now, I’m enjoying the comforts (and illusions of youth!) that come with bunking in the basement at my parents’.

Part of this slower pace means enjoying long walks in the ravine out back. On one of these recent walks, we bumped into a new neighbour. Take a look:


owl 1

He saw us coming …

owl 2

… and then turned around to continue his nap.


He didn't get up when we said goodbye, either.

He didn’t get up when we said goodbye, either.

9 thoughts on “Meet the Neighbours

  1. Super Awesome,,,enjoy the time at your parent’s. I too was enjoying the warmth of my parent’s basement,,but had to come home early to move,,,and now have just been told it’s postponed till the 1st! Grrr…..

      • Thanks it got all figured out,,,my friend helped me move my stuff over to his place this morning (oh my god I was sooo hungover,,went out with a male”friend” last night,lol).
        Apparently what my friend meant was that he would move my stuff over but wanted me not to start actually start staying there until the 1st ,,,his gf is here from the states and they wanted some “private” time on New Years Eve,,,,,lol.

  2. Love the new neighbor…and that you get to hibernate and enjoy the comforts of home. Get pampered and relax as you begin a new milestone…in years, wisdom and grace! Cheers to you friend…as we close the door on 2012 and see what’s behind this new door called 2013! xo

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