Holy Bananas.

You guys. I’m 30 today!! I’m a grownup!! How did this happen??

And how do I make it stop???

I am spoiled, I must admit. It’s been a birthday-palooza around here! (If you’re a regular visitor, my love of all things celebratory is no surprise). 

Anyway, last night my best friend and her boyfriend treated me to a Birthday Dinner and a rip-snorting game night – not that we’re a competitive bunch or anything – and this morning I was treated to a Birthday Latte and Bouquet from a lifelong family friend – she’s not getting any older, it’s just me – and tomorrow my mom and I are going to see the 50 Years of 007 exhibit and meeting my dad and Shutterbug Sis for dinner at my favourite Indian restaurant in the city.


Three days of food, and fun, and food is a responsible, mature way to handle this milestone, right?

Hope the new year is off to a great start for you all! I’ll be back next week with some thoughts on James Bond, among other things.

love amb

28 thoughts on “Holy Bananas.

    3 days ? Hell no girl gor the week!
    Ahhh I remember 30 – a party at home, parents there, best G/F hands me a bottle of champagne with crutch-less knickers draped over it…
    think I would have preferred the Indian Restaurant!
    Enjoy Amb 🙂

  2. Very happy birthday wishes Amber from all of us. Have fun celebrating!!

    And for goodness sake don’t sweat being thirty. It marks the beginning of a brand new decade!! I love new beginnings. You will too : )


  3. Happy Happy birthday to you wonderful person! I hope the celebrations continue on beyond three days…but I like the symmetry of one day for each decade! 🙂 You are delightful and should bask in the birthday glow!! I think, from my vantage point 😀 that the 30’s are a wonderful decade…and you are just on your way!!xoxo

  4. Happy belated birthday, Amber! 30 is a very special age. Your body is young but the mind is mature. You will enjoy it. Also about the Indian food, watch out, it is addicting if you get hooked. Since I took this project in Fresno where there is an abundance of Indian restaurants, I cannot stay from them.

  5. I know I sent you well-wishes after your Daniel Craig suit experience, but I didn’t realize this was the big 3-0! 30! That’s awesome! I’m looking forward to reaching that one 🙂 It won’t be like the Friends episode, that’s for sure!

    • Haha, you mean you’re not expecting to have a “Why God, WHY?!? We had a DEAL!!!” moment? 😉

      Your recovery must be going well if you’re making the blog-rounds again. Welcome back!

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