The British Invasion: Day One

While I was making notes about all of the things I wanted to share with you over the coming days, I noticed a theme emerging. That’s right – as you’ve probably already guessed from the title of today’s post, we’re in the middle of a British Invasion here at Words Become Superfluous! Cue the music!

(That’s from Doctor Who. I love Doctor Who. You’ll find out just how much later this week.)

But don’t worry, we’re not jumping straight into the world of time-travelling aliens in TARDISs. I’m going to ease you in gently, in a much more civilized manner.That’s how the Brits do things, right? And it doesn’t get much more civilized – at least on the surface –  than the world of Downton Abbey.

Season 3 of this period drama began in North America last night, and it was just as fabulous as I remembered. There were tiny hats, and large jewels, and hilarious one liners from national treasure Dame Maggie Smith.

Now, because today was my first Monday back in Corporate World, I needed something fun to do when I got home. As a reward for, you know, surviving my first Monday back in Corporate World. And because I’m a giant word nerd, that “something” turned into making a Downton Abbey themed puzzle for you all!

I know. I really am turning into an exciting chick in my old age.

This puzzle is a bit like a crossword in reverse. Or, if you’re more logically minded like Shutterbug Sis, it may help you to think of this as a Sudoku puzzle with words. All of the words are provided for you, and it’s your job to fit them into the appropriate slots so that they fit in with all of the other words around them. For example, there’s only one 3 letter word, so there’s only one place it can go. There are no spaces between multiple words, such as Downton Abbey. Click on the puzzle to open a printable version in a Word document.

Good luck and enjoy! The answers will be posted to the Words Become Superfluous Facebook page later this week. I hope to see you here tomorrow for our next look at British pop culture. (Here’s a hint: you might want to bring a martini).

downton abbey puzzle image

3 letter words: Wit

5 letter words: Class, Money

6 letter words: Honour

7 letter words: Country, Manners, Romance

8 letter words: Lady Mary, Marriage

9 letter words: Lady Edith, Tradition, Lady Sybil

12 letter words: Downton Abbey

15 letter words: The Dowager Countess

love amb

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