My Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of: Royal Pains

Well, it’s Thursday, and it’s time for a little shameless self-promotion here at Words Become Superfluous.

I’m moving the next installment of My Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of up a week to coincide with a very important event that’s happening soon on that swoon-worthiest of blogs, The Blog of Funny Names.

That’s right, next Tuesday I make my guest-blogging debut! Mark your calendars, people. I’m all kinds of excited.

Since one of the benefits of this project (aside from the immeasurable boost to my ego) is to promote the cross-pollination of our readerships, I wanted to talk about this particular television show here today. That way, I can link back to it when I talk about one of its’ particularly funny named stars on BoFN on Tuesday, and hopefully introduce a whole new group of people to this space and to all of its witty and wonderful commenters. So, here we go!

Today’s Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard of is Royal Pains. Royal Pains is from the same network that brought you other deep, substantial and thought-provoking Favourites such as Burn Notice and Suits. And when I say deep, substantial and thought-provoking, I mean shows that follow the classic USA Network “blue sky formula” of attractive people solving problems in attractive places. Seriously, you guys, the USA Network does that on purpose. Here’s what they said about it in the Wall Street Journal:

The “blue-skies” element, as Ms. Hammer defines it, applies across the board at USA. “Royal Pains” writer Mike Rauch told me that a specific “palette” applies to each of the network’s series. “Someone called [the palette] architectural porn.” Mr. Rauch says the bright environment and ornate design on shows like “Royal Pains” provide “a buoyancy, a happiness in atmosphere” for the audience. The gloomy sets and nighttime scenes so standard elsewhere on TV are rarities on these shows.” –Jordan C Hirsch

Is it any wonder why so many of these shows make my Favourites list? Have you met me? Gloomy sets are so not my scene. Anyway, back to Royal Pains!

Royal Pains poster

Get it? House calls?!? Because he practices concierge medicine … oh, Hank.

Royal Pains is about the concierge medical practice owned by two brothers in the Hamptons. Hank is the doctor (hence the name of the practice – HankMed) and Evan is the CFO. There’s usually one major medical mystery each week, but the real focus of the show is on the brothers’ relationships with each other and the other members of the HankMed team.

Hank and Evan weren’t on the best of terms at the beginning of the series, and they each had their own personal, decidedly non-blue-sky reasons for leaving their old lives behind and starting over in the Hamptons, but as the show progresses they begin to appreciate each other and rebuild their relationship.

I think that evolving friendship is one of the things that resonates with me the most on this show. (Sadly, I cannot relate to having a gorgeous summer home in the Hamptons). Shutterbug Sis and I have always loved each other to bits and we always will, but we became much better friends once we got older and I went away to university. Now she’s my first call on a lot of things (and the inspiration for a lot of blog posts!)

To recap, then:

  • I’ll be at The Blog of Funny Names on Tuesday, January 22
  • Royal Pains is the perfect bright and sunny show to beat your wintertime blues
  • Shutterbug Sis is awesome
  • Did I mention I’ll be at The Blog of Funny Names next Tuesday? 

love amb

17 thoughts on “My Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of: Royal Pains

    • Pfft. Please. As if I’ll have time for the little people … I’m kidding!!! 😀 Of COURSE I will remember – I love you guys to bits. I’m not going anywhere!

  1. Picture me with my fingers in my ears – shaking my head and making funny noises – blah blah blah – to let you know I can’t hear you…I can’t hear all the cool things you are saying about another fun sounding TV show that I know I would love. I can’t hear you…. 🙂 Darn it! Oh, but I did hear you say that next week you start your gig on BoFN. I did hear that….can’t wait! 🙂

    • Teehee! I’m picturing it! I know, I know, it’s really not fair of me to keep piling on the TV recommendations. I’ll have to include the details behind a jump cut next time, so that you can skip to the rest of the post without adding to your tv list!

      Yes, next week should be fun! And there will be one or two small* reminders here too, so that no one will miss anything.

      * small = HUGE

  2. After following up on your tip to watch Homeland ( and loving the show), I will definitely check out Royal Pains.
    It’s January; it’s Canada… we need some “blue sky”

    • Great! You’ll have to let me know what you think – I think you’ll enjoy it. Definitely a different feeling from Homeland, but it’s a fun time! Especially during our long cold Canadian winters! 🙂

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