9 thoughts on “The Superfluous Oscar Pool IS CLOSED

  1. Oh Jeez…I am sooooo waaay behind on movies. If you could count movies for 8-9 yr old boys, then I am ‘caught up’ but I sigh when I see this list…and think, it will be summer before I get to watch most of these…I live vicariously through you Amb..keep it coming! xo

    • Don’t even worry about it Bon – I’ve only seen one of them, so I’m not exactly a model participant myself, here! But it’s so much fun to talk about everything and try to guess how the night is going to unfold … and having you along for the ride makes it that much better! xo.

      • Omgosh…I feel so much better! The only one I have seen is Lincoln! Maybe I will just guess, and see how I do, based on what I hear from all the movie-goers! 🙂 Whew..thanks Amb! 🙂

      • Go for it! Certain people *cough – Dave – cough* haven’t seen any of them, so you have a leg up on the competition already 😉

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