Wordful Wednesday for February 20, 2013

It’s Wednesday already – can you even believe it? Maybe it’s because I had a long weekend, or maybe it’s because I’ve been talking even more than usual lately, but for me, this week is flying by. I’ve got all kinds of fun planned for the rest of the week and the weekend, and, surprise surprise, I’m all kinds of excited about it. Something new and different for me, right? Today’s word is one that perfectly captures that mood.

Today’s word is effervescent: vivacious and enthusiastic

In other words …

Look Who's Talking movie poster

Um, no. This movie isn’t Oscar-nominated. But the sentiment is apt!

Uh, yeah. I’d say that fits.

Thanks for letting me talk your ear off about movies for the past few days, you guys! I’ve had such a good time putting together our first annual Superfluous Oscar Countdown, and having you all along for the ride has made it even better.

Don’t forget to fill out your Superfluous Oscar Ballot for your chance to win some superfluous prizes! And if you’ve got a favourite movie that hasn’t been covered in the Countdown yet, let me know! We’ve got two more days of movie talk left …

love amb

9 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for February 20, 2013

  1. Have an effervescent day, Amb:-) lol your movie choice. Wonder how it would watch now. Was awesome back in the day, but not all of these movies age well… ??

    • Back at ya!

      No kidding – movies from the 80s aren’t exactly known for their timeless quality, eh? Further to our chat yesterday, I think John Travolta is, sadly, one actor who is NOT aging well …

  2. Amb…You are the epitome of effervescent!

    Watched part of Ferris Bueller’s Day off the other day and was transported back to the 80’s with that and was fun to see my kiddo react to the movie…he was especially intrigued by the escapade with the Ferrari! I enthusiastically wish you a vivacious kind of Wednesday! 😀

    • Oh, thank you Bonnie! I have my off days, like everyone, but most of the time I do feel pretty fizzy 🙂

      I have to tell you, I love Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Like, LOVE, love. Like, it’s in my list of top 10 movies ever kind of love. The escapade with the Ferrari is great, but my favourite, most vivacious part of the movie is this scene.

      Have the biggest smile on my face now! Thanks for the afternoon pick me up. xo.

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