Superfluous Oscar Countdown: Bonus Sunday Edition!

Hi there! How’s your weekend going? I hope you’ve had a chance to relax and enjoy yourself a bit. If you had to work this weekend or have been otherwise occupied, just think, it could be worse. You could be starving yourself on steamed kale and lemon juice cleanses, sweating through hours of bikram yoga, and getting your face injected with bee venom.

That’s right: you could be getting ready to attend the 2013 Oscars tonight.

Yesterday we talked about how a lot of people consider “Argo” to be a lock to win Best Picture tonight. Looking at the entries into our Superfluous Oscar Pool so far, (and if you’re reading this before 7pm ET, you still have time to enter!) it seems like those of you who aren’t prepared to give the Oscar to “Argo” are betting on “Les Miserables”. And almost all of you are betting on Anne Hathaway.

Anne has gotten a lot of attention and acclaim for her role, and for the work that she put in to preparing for it. Here she* is explaining to the Academy just why she thinks that her performance is Oscar-worthy:

* that’s not actually Anne Hathaway. But wouldn’t that be outstanding if it really was her?

If you’re planning on watching the Oscars tonight, come on over and we can chat about them here in the Comments! Or if keeping things short and sweet is more your style, you can find me on Twitter at @superfluous_amb.

And if you’re not watching, don’t worry, I’ll be back tomorrow to fill you in on all the highlights!

love amb

4 thoughts on “Superfluous Oscar Countdown: Bonus Sunday Edition!

  1. celebrity-mocking video aside (which I just watched), there’s no way Anne won’t go home with Best Actress tonight. Just not how things work.

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