Friday I’m in Love

Good morning! Happy Friday. So glad we’ve made it to the end of the — what? Why are you looking at my like that? Do I still have bed-head? Pillow lines on my face?

Oh. You want to know about the title of today’s post. You guys, you’re supposed to sing it. You know? Like the song by The Cure?

I’ve been singing that song all morning, because it’s the perfect song for a fun Friday morning where I get to hang out with my fabulous friend Liz over at The Blog of Funny Names. So hit play on your own Friday soundtrack and come join us, won’t you?

love amb

2 thoughts on “Friday I’m in Love

  1. Goodness sakes, amb. You are a blogging maniac. All over the place:-) Very much enjoyed our chat. Now I must go eat because all of that talk about food made me hungry. Catch ya’ later and Happy Weekend!

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