Meeting the Professor, the Madman, and The Doctor, OR; How Amb Spent Her Weekend

For the record – I’ve been meaning to post this for the last twenty minutes, but I keep watching the prequel to the new Doctor Who episode, “The Bells of St. John” instead. It airs this Saturday! If we hadn’t already run a British Invasion Countdown not too long ago, this week would be all about The Doctor. As it is, he’ll be making an appearance here next week. Darling non-Whovian readers of mine, that means you’ve got six days to catch up with my beloved Matt Smith. You didn’t really want to go to work this week anyway, did you? xo.

Hi there, and welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed your weekends. Did you turn off the lights and participate in Earth Hour this Saturday? I did, although I must confess that it wasn’t quite on purpose. I woke up on Saturday morning feeling like I was fighting a sinus infection, so I spent the day sleeping, reading by candlelight, and sleeping some more. It was just the rest that I needed to prepare for a busy Sunday, although it’s a shame that no one got to appreciate me in such flattering lighting. I have to say, my pajama pants were looking mighty good!

(You guys know that my Harry Potter pajama pants glow in the dark, right?)

professor_web-300x440Now, much as I’d like to leave you with that entrancing visual for the day, I did want to actually  give you an update on my 13 in ’13 Reading Challenge. Book number four comes to me from my wonderful friend Bonnie, and it is at least four kinds of awesome. It’s “The Professor and the Madman: A Tale of Murder, Insanity, and the Making of the Oxford English Dictionary” by Simon Winchester. It’s a true story that reads like fiction, with amazing chapter titles like “The Dead of Night in Lambert Marsh”, and I can’t put it down. Sinus infection or not, my review will be making an appearance here next week.

Hmm … two lads visiting from the other side of the pond … perhaps the British Invasion is returning after all!

I’ll see you back here tomorrow, unless they run out of Buckley’s at the drugstore,

love amb

PS: The snowmen featured on the Words Become Superfluous Facebook page will also be back here tomorrow. Stay tuned!

12 thoughts on “Meeting the Professor, the Madman, and The Doctor, OR; How Amb Spent Her Weekend

  1. where are the muffins? 😉 I read a review of your book in a local paper and had thought it had sounded good. Then I forgot about. Thanks for the reminder. It does indeed sound all kids of awesome. Like the kind of book you could read while eating a bowl of DIY instant oats. heehee. You’ll have your 13 done be end-of-year for sure!

    Hope you’re feeling much better this week. Glad you had a (mostly?) restful weekend. lol glow-in-the-dark pjs. You make me feel so much better in my penchant for marshmallows, cotton candy etc. I’m not the only 10-year-old trapped in an adult’s body 😉 Hey, that sounds like a great idea for a movie… haha, it’s been done, yes. But not with girl/woman. Or has it???

    • I ended up saving the muffins for later in the week – I figure there’s only so much of my, erm, quirkiness that my poor readers should be subjected to at one time!

      If I stay on track then I will definitely have my 13 done by the end of the year … on the other hand, new episodes of Doctor Who are on the way, and Covert Affairs is coming back in the summer, so you never know …

      Anything I can do to support a love of cotton candy, marshmallows etc. is important work, in my book! Glad to be of service 🙂 As for the movie … for girl versions, there’s Freaky Friday and 13 Going on 30, with Jennifer Garner, which I LOVE.

      • Ah yes, Going on 30. Had forgotten that one. Once again you save the day 🙂 Freaky Friday seemed more of a superficial story (though I love love love the original). I liked how Big dug deeper. (lol-ing that such discussions are even possible. Only on Words are Superfluous 😉 )

  2. Hi Amb…first of all, you have all my sympathy, I get those sinus infections too and they are miserable. And second, I am soooo glad you are loving that book – I just thought you might and I love that it is four kinds of awesome to you! I thought so, and it does read like a novel. I can’t wait to hear what you think of the ending..I might have to read it again now! Hope you are feeling better and I am soooo looking forward to your review. xo

    • Hi Bon! So excited that you’re here! I am feeling much better today, thank you. Taking it easy on Saturday was just what the doctor ordered, I think.

      I am so glad you’re looking forward to the review – I’m looking forward to finishing the book, so that I can write it! Any day now 🙂

      Hope you’re having a wonderful Monday (and I’ll be sure to give you a shout when the review is posted) xo.

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