My Favourite Television (Stars) You’ve Never Heard Of: The Stella Sisters in “Nashville”

Welcome to Thursday morning, and to a very special edition of My Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of! Why special, you ask? Well my friends, because we’re mixing it up a bit today, that’s why.

cartoon ambDave has officially given me free reign over as many Thursday posts as I’d like at The Blog of Funny Names (and no, I have no idea how I got away with that after yesterday’s Wordful Wednesday, either). Ostensibly it’s because this is a busy time in the lives of the BoFN boys and things are quiet in Corporate World for me right now; in reality I suspect it’s because Dave has realized I can talk circles around just about anyone, and limiting me to the occasional guest post is more trouble than it’s worth.

Which brings us back to today’s television show. Y’all have probably already heard of the hit tv series “Nashville” (see what I did there?) but you may not have heard of its two youngest stars. The Stella sisters are all kinds of talented and all kinds of adorable to boot, so mosey on over to The Blog of Funny Names to learn all about them!

love amb

11 thoughts on “My Favourite Television (Stars) You’ve Never Heard Of: The Stella Sisters in “Nashville”

  1. I checked out the girls’ audition… so cute! ( I have a real soft spot for sister duos ! )
    Really a great way to start my day

  2. appreciate you not throwing stones @ me for the country music thing 😉 Wanted to make sure you’d been by foodforfun’s virtual kitchen for today’s chocolate pudding as you and Lilly Sue are behind my taking it from the facebook post to wordpress blog. More important, though, I am desperate to have you over because I used the S word! (though in reference to food, not that “certain blogger”) Perhaps you have already been over, but had to make sure as I don’t just throw that S word around willy nilly 😉

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