Wordful Wednesday for April 3, 2013

Katherine Hepburn skateboarding

If Katherine Hepburn on a skateboard doesn’t brighten your day then really, I don’t know what will.

Let me just warn you right now that we’re not featuring any corybantic expressions of love today, so if you’ve stopped by looking for something to brighten your Wednesday … you’ve come to the right place!

Just because things aren’t corybantic 24/7 around here doesn’t mean that they’re exactly calm, either. Welcome, my friends, to the middle of your week, and to a very special edition of Wordful Wednesday. I know I say this to you all the time, but I really am so glad that you’re here.

Inspired by a particularly thought-provoking blog post and by my own Easterween shenanigans of the previous weekend, I’ve decided to stretch my wordful wings a little bit today. In the past, these Wednesday posts have featured everything from internet jargon to international travels, but all of the words that I’ve shared with you belonged to someone else before they came my way.

But not today! Today’s word, I’m happy to say, is an amb-original. Considering how much I talk around here, it’s surprising this hasn’t happened before now, don’t you think?

Today’s word is blogmosis (noun): the gradual expansion of subject matter covered on your own blog that occurs as a direct result of coming into contact with awesome folks on the internet.

In other words …

Contrary to how I’ve been acting around here lately, I don’t just appreciate bloggers who pull double duty as Imaginary Boyfriends, you know. I’ve talked before about how much I love being a part of this online community, and I promise I haven’t lost sight of that amidst this raging case of spring fever. If anything, that collaboration and creativity pushes me forward in new directions I might not have ventured to on my own.

And so, because she reins in my online eyelash-bating and helps me hone my comedic timing; because she sends me photos of her own Christmas baking in March for encouragement instead of bemoaning my lack of Martha-Stewart-ness; because she’s just as happy to discuss future plans as the finer points of “Friends” reruns …

It is my great pleasure to dedicate today’s word to my great friend Liz, of Foodforfun fame. Thanks for helping me to be a better blogger, Liz!

As promised, today’s post will wrap up with some shots from Shutterbug Sis. Hard not to feel connected to others and to the world when you see beautiful scenery like this, right?

collage of outdoor photos

love amb

11 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for April 3, 2013

  1. Katherine Hepburn on a skateboard doesn’t really brighten my day (okay, a little… and yes, it’s 2am so maybe I’m biased), but your posts do! Great tribute to a great blogger! I knew when I read “blogmosis” that you had stumbled onto something big. Oh, the Ethel of it all!

    • *swoon* Thank you! I’m glad I can return the favour, since your posts do the same for me (though of course you already knew that).

      I’m particularly fond of today’s word as well – I’m trying to start picking favourites in preparation for the blog-iversary celebrations, and it’s proving to be a lot harder than I thought. Ethel would know what to do. xo.

  2. aw gee… thanks, amber 🙂 am honored! Have never had a blog post dedicated to me before.

    Blogmosis is a totally awesome word for sure. lol–just looked it up via google and there’s a wordpress blog with that name. I see it coming into common usage in the next year or so thanks to YOU! It’s a bit scary how blogmosis creeps in (I really was using TV lingo in my special ed. post 0-: ), but it’s tons of fun, too.

    That Jia Jiang piece was awesome, yes? And I must say I detected a bit of amb enthusiasm in Dave’s voice so perhaps the blogmosis is spreading all around?

    You’ve brightened my world since connecting over at BoFN–guess you don’t have to physically meet someone to become fast friends 🙂 Looking forward to more Friends discussions (and there are some movies I want to chat about too) and whatever else we find to talk about along the way.

    • You are so welcome! It seemed like the least I can do, since you’ve sparked so many good ideas for me lately (Easternween and Spambassadors, to name just a couple).

      Is there really? Ooh, I’ll be off to check that out next. Wouldn’t that be cool if it ended up being commonly used? Quite the claim to fame for me 😉

      The Jia Jiang post was all sorts of awesome, for sure! I laughed out loud at your comment about Dave sounding like me – I chatter at the poor guy so much he was bound to pick up some “amb-isms” one of these days … whether he wanted to or not.

      Agreed! You’ve done the same for me – so much fun that connections like ours can be forged over the internet 😀

  3. Where did you find that picture of Katherine? She is one of my all time favorite actresses.

    And what a wonderful tribute to Liz. Thanks for spreading the joy in this corner of the internet my friend.

    • She’s one of mine too! Fannie, I’m more convinced then ever that you and I are kindred movie spirits. A good friend of mine posted that picture to my facebook wall the other day, because she knew I’d get a kick out of it 😀

      Thanks for visiting, as usual I love to see you around here. Hope your revisions are going well!

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