Keeping Up with Corporate World

You guys!! It’s Friday!!! WE MADE IT!!!!


That feels better.

You wouldn’t know it from all of the fun that was happening around here, but Corporate World kicked my butt this week. My CW responsibilities include *ahem* helping to manage an online knowledge management platform that is utilized by our sales force across the country. Psst … did I sound like a grown-up just then? Because I kind of felt like one!

Basically, everything these folks need to do their job is in there, and if those needs change and the site needs updating, they call yours truly. And since I work in a very competitive industry, those needs change a lot. Which is normally just fine with me – let’s face it, we all know that I like to keep busy.  But this week, product launches, new promotions,

Counting sheep

“Amb, are you going to close the mental thesaurus and start counting, or what?”

and people going on vacation combined to create a perfect storm of publication delays that I could do absolutely nothing about. Needless to say, it’s been a … challenging few days.

(I promise I wasn’t pausing to curse with those ellipses; I was trying, unsuccessfully, to think of another “P” word to keep my

alliterative streak alive. Any suggestions? Please, leave them in the Comments; it’s situations like this that cause us word nerds to lose sleep at night).

All of which is a very long, very amb-ish way of saying that I’m so glad you were here with me this week! Thanks to you, I was able to focus on deepening my connections, rather than shortening my fuse. Not only that, but our theme of shaking things up gave me the push I needed to put a long-thought-about project into action! You’ll get to see the results on Monday. I’m looking forward to it and hope you are, too!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend and can spend your time doing exactly what you want. I’m off to sleep for approximately 57 hours. Waking up to watch Doctor Who and to eat the rest of my Easterween chocolate, of course. 😉

love amb

12 thoughts on “Keeping Up with Corporate World

  1. Curious as all get out as to what this Monday project could be, amb. Hadn’t realized it was such a tough week at work. You’d never know it what with all the sunshine you radiate in this space 🙂 Sleep well and happy dreams!

    • Hooray! That’s my plan – to get my readers hooked on a cliffhanger, so they’ll come back for a new week 🙂 Monday is going to be fun.

      Aw, thanks! Hanging out here helped me a lot this week. I think part of the reason I was frustrated was because it got to a point where there was very little I could do – we just had to trust that the publishing team would get everything live as soon as they could. I’d much rather be in there tackling the problem myself, as I’m sure you know!

      Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

  2. yikes. that’s SUPER DUPER annoying. but, as you’ve mentioned before, it’s corporate world. nothing is supposed to be easy to get done because these sick people think it’s fun to make you chase your tail trying to find the answer that they could provide. i’m not bitter, not one bit… just… a realist?

    • LOL! I know just what you mean, my friend. Nothing is ever simple around here. And I know you understand what it’s like to be the “middle-man” (middle-woman?) in a situation when factors are outside of your control!!

  3. I can think of “p” words, but they’re not fit for publication in your pretty and peppy (and peppery), family-friendly fun space 😉

  4. I’m so glad to hear you survived your week. Now that I’m enjoying the tired jolly’s may I add to Liz’s list of P’s? Prepossessing and preposterous.

    Looking forward to the big reveal on Monday.

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