We Go Together Like Popcorn and Reeses Pieces

Welcome to the end of our movie week. I’m so glad you stopped by, because we have a visitor!

Everyone, meet Liz. Liz, meet everyone!

*Liz smiles and waves*

Liz blogs full-time at foodforfun, and she’s a fellow guest-contributor at The Blog of Funny Names. When we offered to help out with a scheduling conflict over at BoFN a few weeks ago, Liz and I discovered that we work really well together. It turns out that she helps me stay focused on my writing (instead of batting my eyelashes at certain other BoFN bloggers) and I help her branch reesesout into other areas of the culinary arts (like learning which tv shows are best paired with popcorn and reese’s pieces).

And since we had such a ball the last time we got together, and since snacks and the silver screen complement each other so well, Liz kindly agreed to come over and help me out today.

I wanted to cap off our film-tastic week with something special. Today’s post is dedicated to one of my favourite readers and commenters here at Words Become Superfluous. Not only is her thoughtful, beautiful blog a continual source of inspiration to me … but she really knows her movies.

Mimi, thank you for always finding the time to come out and play with me! In honour of your first place finish in last February’s Superfluous Oscar Pool, (and your stellar acceptance speech) today’s post is for you.

amb: Since we’re paying tribute to this year’s Oscars, I thought that instead of a tv show, we could talk about this year’s Best Picture winner: Argo. What do you think Liz? Can you find us some snacks to go with one of the most popular movies of the year?tator tots

Liz: I’d be honored to help you out, amb. Thanks for having me. And hello to all you amb-fans out there. So glad to meet you! I also want to congratulate Mimi–what tasty fun we have in store for you πŸ™‚

What to pair with this year’s Best Picture winner? We’re talking about a spy movie based on real-life events of the 1970s. So right away I think fondue, meatballs in chafing dishes, spaghettios, tater tots, and Tang–not a pretty sight, any of it. True, there were winners (pop rocks, Zagnut candy bar, Zingers–glorious all), but foods of the ’70s don’t translate all that deliciously. Consider, for instance, that foods circa 1970s were prepared in kitchens of harvest gold and avocado green. Yikes. Foods of the ’70s seem a bit silly and even tasteless looking back through our filter of 2013.

amb: What do you mean, the ’70s weren’t a tasteful time? What would you call this, if not “tasteful”?

Oh, dear.

Oh, dear.

Eek. Never mind, I’m beginning to see what you mean. But you know Liz, as much fun as it is to see contemporary actors in vintage outfits, “Argo” isn’t your typical period piece. Even if, at the beginning, all you can focus on is Ben Affleck’s facial hair, the movie gets at deeper issues than that. Things like patriotism, loyalty, and having the courage to act in the face of grave danger.

Well, at least they brought snacks.

Well, at least they brought snacks.

Liz: Those are timeless concepts, for sure, amb and much easier to relate to than leisure suits and platform shoes. Underneath the polyester, gold chains, and Aqua Net hairspray, the folks of the ’70s were real people with real issues. No matter if Affleck’s character dressed in mostly browns and yes, he did have overmuch facial hair–he also loved and laughed and cried. (And he certainly must have eaten healthy fare to stay in spy-worthy shape.) So while we may snicker at the styles–and foods–of the ’70s, there are indeed layers to consider.

amb: Layers? I’m losing you here, Liz.

Liz: Well, one of the things I enjoy about cooking and playing with recipes is appreciating how ingredients build on each other to create deep and complex flavors. A dish might look simple on the surface, but once you taste it you realize there’s a lot argoing on…

*amb starts cracking up* “Argoing on” I see what you did there! See, everyone, this is one of the many reasons why Liz and I are friends. You’re going to have to come visit on a Wordful Wednesday sometime Liz!

Now where was I? Right: realizing a story has layers. That delicious little ripple of shock that you feel when you realize that things aren’t what they seem can be a really powerful emotion. I think that capturing that feeling was a big part of Argo’s success. Deception can be thrilling, and when an illusion is successfully carried off, it can be really satisfying for an audience. Especially when it’s a high-stakes illusion where the consequences are literally a matter of life and death, as is the case with Argo.

Liz: Wow–you picked up on a layer I hadn’t even considered, amb: illusion. To pull off their escape, Team U.S.A. had to pretend to be people they were not. They had cover stories. This gives me an idea for the perfect snack to pair with Argo. Since my kitchen is back over at foodforfun, I’ll invite you to click on over to find out what that snack is!

Come over to foodforfun to finish this post!

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25 thoughts on “We Go Together Like Popcorn and Reeses Pieces

  1. I couldn’t have asked for a better award than this post!! Thanks Amb and Lix – you’ve made my day and I send you both abundant πŸ™‚ faces as my contribution to solid takeaways from the 70’s. Well that, and a little Soul Train …<3

      • You’re so welcome Mimi! I’m biased of course (as you know – you’ve seen the swooning around here) but Dave is the bees knees. Any day I can connect more awesome people together is a good day for me πŸ™‚

    • Soul Train!! Love it. Perfect way for me to get my groove on this Friday morning. (Not that I don’t have dance parties at my desk on a regular basis already …) Sending all of those smiley faces right back at you my friend! You make my little corner of the internet a better place to be!

    • You’re very welcome, Miss Mimi. We are lucky indeed to have a friend in amb. Loving the abundant smileys πŸ™‚ Lol, that IS very ’70s. And Soul Train is reason enough to do some dancing. Time to burn off those cupcake calories! Your karma rocks πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Dave! Actually, I owe you a couple of thank you’s … for both the lovely comment and for connecting Liz and I in the first place. See what you started?!? Reason #472 why you’re my favourite, xo.

    • Wow–high praise, thanks Dave πŸ™‚ I’m seconding Amb’s comment with the t-yous. Thirding it actually as I had the same thoughts back at foodforfun. We had fun with this for sure. Though I’m giving amb credit for the idea. She knows how to give prizes. Hollywood folk get a tiny little statue that sort-of resembles a naked person, but Mimi got two blog posts written for her. Which would you rather have? To borrow one of her own phrases, amb is brilliant (and creative and clever) 8 ways!

      • p.s. that “8 ways” thing didn’t come out right, but you know what I mean πŸ˜‰ Also p.s.: Love your photo captions, amb! Clever.

      • Totally. Amb prizes are the best! Way better than a naked person statue! (trivia: the reason they’re called the Oscars is because someone said the statuette reminded them of their uncle Oscar, and the nickname stuck)

  2. woot woot–when and where is our release party? heehee. Everyone is invited πŸ™‚ LOVE your title, amb. I’m humbled and honored and feel all warm and fuzzy inside–thanks πŸ™‚ (or were you talking about you and D-man when you mentioned reese’s pieces and popcorn ? πŸ˜‰ )

    I raise a cupcake to you–and all readers crazy enough to read what we write–in celebration of awesomeness and top-secret projects. Here’s to many more!

    • LOL! No!! Popcorn and Reeses Pieces is you and me, baby!

      I will join you in “raising a cupcake” – hear, hear. (Wish I had a little cupcake emoticon to put here … will have to look into that one).

      As for our release party, I feel like we’ve been having a party all day already! Having SUCH a good time here with you, my friend πŸ™‚

    • Thank you Fannie!! We had a great time working on it together, so I’m really glad that comes across when you read the post! Happy Friday πŸ™‚

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