Thursday Love

Good morning! You’re looking lovely this morning, if I do say so myself. Isn’t it a

couple playing tennis in 1954

How you all look, to me.
Super stylish short shorts and all!
(image from

lovely morning? Don’t you just love Thursdays?

We all know that love Thursdays (for obvious reasons), but this Thursday is an especially good one for a couple of reasons.

Reason Number One: my wonderful cousin Brenda-Lee – she of Superfluous Oscar Countdown and Friends references fame – is here with me for a few days! We’re both beyond excited to be ditching our respective Corporate Worlds for some vacation time. You can expect pictures and stories from the screwball comedy, “This is What Happens When Amb Is Your Tour Guide”, next week. Wheeee!

Reason Number Two: I have a brand spanking new Imaginary Boyfriend. When she’s not sending me superfluously amazing care packages, Liz is looking out for my Imaginary Love Life: she introduced us! Thanks Liz! 

We’re in the early stages of our relationship and just getting to know each other; you can get to know him, too, at The Blog of Funny Names today.  Hmm. Do you think this is going to make things awkward with Dave?

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13 thoughts on “Thursday Love

  1. Good morning to you, too, amb 🙂 I raise my mug of French press coffee to you in eager anticipation of your cousin’s visit as well as your budding relationship with Mr. Farrow. You pick the smart ones for sure 😉 Speaking of smart, Dave will just have to deal.

    Love that I (along with your many other readers) look so slim and stylish to you. Good thing we’re not on skype or you’d see things much differently. (speaking for myself here, not necessarily your other readers who are likely far more stylish and put-together early in the a.m.–who am I kidding, at all times of the day–than I) I’ll volley this back and serve up a wish for your best Thursday ever.

    And thanks for the shout-out links 🙂 What did you think of American GS cookies?

    • Why thank you Liz! I appreciate any and all virtual caffeine. French press on a Thursday morning sounds fab 🙂

      Your comment about “the smart ones” made me lol at my desk. A bit of a theme happening here, eh? As for how my relationship with Ronan will affect the other man in my life, I suspect he’s relieved to have some of the pressure taken off – sounds like he’s swamped.

      You DO look slim and stylish to me! All of you 🙂 And anyway, I’m a hot mess in the mornings (and for most of the day) too, so you’ve got nothing to worry about!

      I loved the cookies – plus they gave me some ideas for a whole GS theme that I’ll be running with after my mini vacation is over, so stay tuned! (Actually … this could tie in nicely with our plans, too … I will most definitely keep you in the loop!)

  2. Have a fab time..which I know you will…and I want all the deets! You brighten my day my friend, every time. Go, have fun. I am off to meet your new I.B. 🙂 xo

    • Oh, you will most definitely get all the details! And pictures too … hopefully between the two of us BL and I will master the cell phone camera … at least until Sunday, when we meet up with Shutterbug Sis 😉

  3. *Stony, cold silence* No, it’s totally fine. I’m totally fine with it. *stony, cold silence*

    Just kidding! I’m glad to be in the same league as whats-his-face. And frankly, there’s more than enough swooning to go around 🙂

  4. Oh my goodness I can’t wait!! I’m at the airport right now! 😀 😀 😀
    I will have to discuss this new imaginary BF with you when I get there!! Mmmm hahaha

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