Wordful Wednesday for May 29, 2013

*amb comes in with sunglasses and a soy latte the size of her head*

Hi guys. Welcome to Wednesday. Are you sure it’s only Wednesday? Are you sure it’s not, like Friday already? Or at least Thursday? It feels like it should be at least Thursday by now …

I was out late last night, in case you couldn’t tell. There’s been very little sleep happening since I was here with you yesterday …

If you’re thinking that sounds a bit familiar and that a bit of a theme is developing during our Wednesdays together – you’d be right. Sort of. I was out very late last night, but my evening was a tad more, let’s say, civilized, this time around.

Tony and Maria in West Side Story

Swoon. I can’t even.

My friend Deb and I had another date at the symphony last night, where we got to watch West Side Story … with a live orchestra that played along during all of my favourite songs !!!!!!

Can you tell how ridiculously, radiantly, sublimely happy this made me?! My loves of musical theatre and live music and movies all coming together in one evening?!? Is it any wonder that I’ve been humming “I Feel Pretty” – loudly – at my desk all morning?!?

Speaking of which, today’s word is mellisonant: of, relating to, or containing melody; sweet sounding

In other words … 

Hearing a full symphony orchestra playing  Leonard Bernstein’s swoon-worthy score while a re-mastered version of West Side Story is shown on the big screen is totally mellisonant, you guys. Totally. 

On a different, but equally enthusiastic, note: thanks to everyone who has submitted their suggestions for our new Friday Feature! Don’t forget, the suggestion box remains open until 11:59pm ET tomorrow! 

love amb

24 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for May 29, 2013

    • I’m glad! I was inspired by you while I was stringing those words together, actually, since I so love the rhythm you infuse into your poetry posts 🙂

  1. I’ve been going back to Bernstein again and again since the Age of Youtube started, mostly his conducting and mostly Mahler, but Bernstein is amazing in most all he did. There are some great videos of him doing educational concerts/talks for kids.

    Played a mean piano, too. A while back I found this one of him playing AND conducting Ravel’s piano concerto (this is just the last movement).

    • That was bananas. Dude was bananas. Such talent!!

      And speaking of which, can you show me how you were able to embed a youtube clip into your comment? Pretty please?

      • I just copied and pasted the Youtube URL is all. Although I always hit enter and make a line break just after the URL. For some reason I imagine that makes it work, although maybe it’s just superstition.

        I’ll try it here with this other Bernstein clip (this one is an hour–I won’t be hurt if you don’t watch it or anything).

        That Zoolander ref in the other thread was a good one! And Zoolander is a coffee sputteringly funny movie.

      • It worked! You’re so cool, dude. (Dude? Dudette? Sorry – hard to tell from your blog handle. Pick whichever you like 🙂 )

        I have seen Zoolander approximately 93,475 times. It was one of the things Andrew and I bonded over when we met back in university. And it still makes me sputter out my coffee!

      • You got that extra bracket and youtube thing before the URL. I think the URL has to start on a new line, and (my superstition) have another line break right after the last symbol of the URL.

  2. West Side Story is one of my all-time favorites. “Maria, Maria, Maria.” Love this! It’s essentially Romeo & Juliet in the big city.

    Glad you had a good time. I bet it was marvelous!

    • It was marvelous! Funny story for you: we were waiting for our ride after the show and I was, of course, singing “Tonight, Tonight”. As he was leaving the theatre, a young guy put his hand on my shoulder, said, “You liked the show, huh?” Myself, the guy, and a lovely lady who I assume was his bubbie then proceeded to have a 10 minute conversation about the awesomeness that is West Side Story on the corner of King and Simcoe.

      Luckily Deb has been my friend for a long time and wasn’t the least bit phased by any of this 🙂

  3. How “young” was this “young guy”? Seems you’ve been attracting the attention of strangers of late (I read the coffee shop sunglasses story on fb 😉 ) Ah, amb, you bring good vibes wherever you go.

    Glad you had such a fantastic evening. What a show! Yes, you’ll have those tunes–and visions of awesome dancing–in your head all day 🙂

    Thanks for the new word. I have very little that is mellisonant in my life right now (this morning my girls fought over who got the pink pony tail holder–arrrghhh), but it’s nice to imagine a world in where there are such sounds 🙂 Enjoy your Wednesday–all downhill (in a good way) from here.

    • Umm … older than Shutterbug but younger than me? Maybe? I have no idea, but we’ll stick with that since it seems more flattering for me 😉 Glad you liked the fb story! And glad you think I bring good vibes – what a lovely thing to say! Thank you Liz!!

      The show was awesome. I hope they do it again with another musical – maybe Singin’ in the Rain!!!

      Sorry to hear your morning was so un-mellisonant, my friend! I owe you an email, so perhaps I’ll include I’ll include a couple of song selections when I send it off tonight, to balance things out for you 🙂

      • You and wdydfae are cracking me up–woohoo, Zoolander party at WBS! Those are funny clips. Have never cared much for Ben Stiller, but I do love this movie.

        Singin’ in the Rain live would be awesome. All good vibes (and balance) you send my way are most appreciated!

  4. lol–I submitted the only name I could possibly submit. Flash of brilliance, most certainly not, but it seemed appropriate. 🙂

    Can we watch some more Zoolander clips now?

    • Darn that crazy international date line, messing with us! 😉 Hope you’re having a wonderful Thursday … unless it’s already Friday where you are … 🙂

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