Today in Superfluous News, OR; Why I’ll Never Be Diane Sawyer

Thank you to everyone who came out to talk about “Pitch Perfect” with me yesterday – you’re all aca-amazing! I love this virtual movie club that we’ve built and I love that you’re not afraid to disagree with my exclamation marks once in a while! Keep it coming, you guys.

Sometimes I worry that between all of the romantic comedies and the crushing and the collecting of perhaps one too many Imaginary Boyfriends, things may get a little too sparkly around here.So sparkly, in fact, that I forget to keep you guys informed of, like, current events and stuff. That are happening in, like, the actual world, and not just the movie that’s playing in my head.

So. I’m going to try and tone it down a bit for you, and cover today’s Superfluous News in a respectable, responsible fashion. Ready? Here we go!

For our first story, BBC America is reporting that actor Matt Smith will be hanging up his bow-tie and LEAVING

Matt Smith with the TARDIS

I literally cannot look directly at this picture right now.


That’s it. Steven Moffat, you and I are in a fight. A big one. I don’t care how amazing the new season of “Sherlock” is going to be – HOW COULD YOU DO THIS TO ME?!?!?! *sniffle, sniffle, sob* I’m NEVER going to be able to write about A Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of EVER AGAIN! It just hurts too much! *sniffle*

Hmm. Maybe I was aiming a little too high when I said I’d be respectable and responsible. I mean, we can’t all be Diane Sawyer, right? Ok. Maybe I’ll just aim for responsible, for this next story. I’ll just stick to the facts.

For our next story, I’m thrilled to report that the brand new Words of Wisdom (WoW) page has been published! And it looks amazing!! And you should definitely check it out BECAUSE IT’S GOING TO BE THE BEST BLOG FEATURE IN THE HISTORY OF BLOG FEATURES!!!!

Hmm. Maybe this isn’t the best example of unbiased, responsible reporting I’ve ever seen. That bar’s still looking a little high, right? I’ll just aim for speaking in proper sentences.

For our final story, I can report that my very favourite boy who is most likely to discover-the-cure-for-migranes-and-become-a-world-renowned-sports-writer-at-the-same-time-and-then-move-to-Canada-because-his-life-just-isn’t-fullfilling-enough-without-me-in-it hosted a super-fun game over at his blog yesterday AND I AM TOTALLY GOING TO BE THE UNDISPUTED CHAMPION. 

Hmm. Maybe that isn’t exactly what you would call a “proper sentence”… however, since we’re now on Day 3 of whatever we’re calling this little intra-blog challenge that I’ve issued (I know; I’ve got to come up with a name that’s sexier than that) … being improper is kind of the whole point. So, to continue our final news item …

Rumor has it that if I score a perfect 10 in the game <insert joke about how Dave should have noticed that I’m a perfect 10 by now here> I win some sort of prize. I like poetry, Dave. And chocolate.

You guys, as loyal readers of the Superfluous News, I’m counting on you to start a grassroots campaign on my behalf. Click here to go over there and leave prizing suggestions in the comments, would you? And while you’re at it, feel free to play the game yourself. It’s staying open for a few more days. And it really is super awesome.

Well, that brings us to the end of our broadcast! Thanks for watching everyone, and stay tuned for your regularly scheduled edition of Wordful Wednesday, coming up tomorrow.

love amb

9 thoughts on “Today in Superfluous News, OR; Why I’ll Never Be Diane Sawyer

  1. whoa–you had some fun with this one, didn’t you, amb? 🙂 Love your patter and it’s funny to see you laugh at yourself. Note that there is already one Diane Sawyer in the world and it’s your job to be amb 😉 heehee

    I see you taking first prize with the intra-blog challenge (as well as the BoFN puzzle, yes). Dave doesn’t stand a chance, he really doesn’t. Have a great Tues… How can you possibly switch back to Corporate Mode after something like this?

    • Teeheehee – why yes, yes I did. Thanks for noticing, Liz! 😉

      You are absolutely right that the world already has its Diane Sawyer! I will remember that the next time I worry about not taking things seriously enough around here.

      I’ve sent my BoFN puzzle answers in – Dave doesn’t want them published for a couple more days, so the rest of his readers aren’t intimidated by my amazing awesomeness! Ok, that isn’t quite how he put it … I’m paraphrasing a bit here … it’s more like I have a very strange brain. I’m popular on trivia night 🙂

      Have a great Tuesday yourself! I will try my best to go Corporate after this, although you’re right, it is going to be tough … !!!

      • Did you know that Arto and I, and usually Leslie and maybe a random guest or two, play trivia on Tuesday nights? Our team name is “Murderers Row” and we have won every time except once because we couldn’t put some random Aerosmith albums in chronological order. I will never forgive Steven Tyler.

      • I didn’t know that! But I’m not surprised. Of course we’re both trivia players. One more thing to add to the list of reasons why you love me so much 🙂

    • Liz, they once came up with a word to describe people who underestimate me. The word was “mistaken.” Your doubt only motivates me further – lighting a fire in my belly that can’t be quenched by anything except victory… not even pony cakes or outstandingly gorgeous cocktail drinks.

      • Pay no attention to him, Liz. We just got him all riled up, lol. Last time that happened he channeled Drago and threatened to break me (in a nice, kind, half-Canadian kind of way).

        This is just more evidence that my plan is working perfectly.

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