Wordful Wednesday for June 26, 2013

Hi there! Good morning!! Hello!!! Welcome to Wednesday!

*amb pauses for breath, looks around* It is Wednesday, right? I haven’t missed it? Whew. Okay. Excellent. Just checking. Carry on then.

That blur that you saw go rushing by when you opened this post? Yes, well – that would be me. Remember how I was kvetching about being sick earlier in the week? Never mind. Scratch that. There’s no time!

Monday was prepping for an upcoming product launch in Corporate World, last night was dinner and round two of wedding dress shopping with Deb and the bridesmaids, and tonight is a cocktail party for my fellow volunteers with the National Ballet of Canada at Paper Things. And since I’m the Social Chair (I know, I know, it’s shocking and completely out of character for me) I have to arrive early and stay late and just generally give off the air of someone who is organized and polished and put together and can appear to make it to the midway point in the week without having her hamsters run completely off their wheels.

Is it any wonder that today’s word is absolutely, 100% genuinely made up?

And the best part is, it’s not even made up by me. Today’s word is courtesy of my favourite Finn (he’s also the only Finn I know, but that’s not the point) who came up with this one without even knowing about the state of my hamsters.

I feel more confident already.

I feel more confident already.

Today’s word is spectaculacles: spectacular spectacles; eyewear that lends a certain kind of indefinable cool to the wearer, making them appear chic and sophisticated and undeniably organized regardless of  how many late nights they’ve had lately, or how many appetizers they’ve promised to bring to a cocktail party.

In other words …

I really think I need to borrow Audrey’s spectaculacles to make it through today, you guys.

Meanwhile, tomorrow we’ve got a brand new My Favourite Television Show You’ve Never Heard Of to talk about … provided that I can make it home and remember where I put my tv, that is. Have a great Wednesday everyone!

love amb

38 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for June 26, 2013

  1. Man, you just get right back into it. Good one!

    The Audrey picture somehow changes the characteristic AMBience around here, showing the suave and sophisticated side. “Dahhling where did you get those spectactulacules! Absolutely smashing.”

    • Teehee – I don’t know if it’s necessarily good or not – we’ll find out if I’m still in one piece by the end of the week!

      AMBiance – I see what you did there – faaabulous dahhling, simply faaabulous!

    • Oooh! Portmanteau – now there’s an awesome sounding word. That’s when you take two words and smoosh them together, right? I love it! So much fun to say, plus it goes with Diddy’s whole theme above and sounds oh-so-sophisticated 🙂

  2. Oh, how I love Audrey Hepburn. I’m glad you chose that pic of her. She has this classical quality that lives on forever and never ceases to shine. I remember her in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Wow, what a great movie that was. I know, slightly off-topic, but I certainly love anything with the actress. Her real live equally amazes me. Style? Delicious.

    • Me too! I think she is just one of the most stylish, graceful, and just plain lovely figures to have ever walked the earth. You’re so right – she’ll never go out of style! She was absolutely timeless.

      We love getting off topic around here 😉 Her real life story is the stuff of fiction, isn’t it? It’s so dramatic, it sounds like a screenplay!

      • You know who else was a phenomenal looking actress? Grace Kelly. She simply was beautiful wrapped in all sorts of wonderful! Too bad she died so soon. I even remember where I was when I heard it happened. Crazy how these things pop into our brains when we least expect it!

      • Yes, absolutely!! Grace Kelly was a fairytale princess – literally! So gorgeous. Have you heard any of the buzz about the biopic starring Nicole Kidman as Grace? What do you think of that casting? From the pictures I’ve seen, she looks beautiful, but of course can’t really compare to the real thing …

  3. Love that you picked up on spectactulacules. An amazing word, yes! Good luck juggling your many (bourbon?) balls. (those would work well at the cocktail party!) Expecting a full report 🙂

    Thanks for the fun word and fun post.

    p.s. were dress decisions made?

    • dress decisions were kind of made? any of the bridesmaids will tell you that i’m too OCD to just make a decision after the second fitting. i’ve managed to narrow things down but by no means have i “said yes to the dress”. yay to more dress shopping in the near future!

      • Whoops! Was “frontrunner” too strong of a word, do you think? Should I change that comment so as not to jinx anything? 😉

        Yay to more dress shopping! Next stop – Markham! Hey, maybe then we can meet up with (married)Dave! 😀

        Seriously. I have GOT to do something about those nicknames. Something catchier than (married). Rock star, maybe?

    • Thanks Liz! I had a feeling you’d enjoy today 🙂 Bourbon balls would have worked so well at the party! But maybe not so well in my kitchen. Things might have gotten a little messy 😉 I will absolutely give you a full report, it should be a fun night!

      Thanks for visiting as always!

      Re: the dress – we have a new frontrunner. Hadn’t tried this one on before. Of course it’s at the top end of the budget, and of course it’s absolutely GORGEOUS. Isn’t that always the way it goes?!?!

      • omg. i just went onto david’s bridal (the canadian site doesn’t work for some reason?) and i went to find the link for the galina signature dress i love… they have a whole new line in!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good.god.

      • OK, who is married Dave? Is he the Zoolander guy? I thought diddy was the Zoolander guy. ???

        Yay more dress shopping. Do you have yours, Deb? What are your colors? Wasn’t sure if you were The Deb of poutine engagement party. (all memories are directly connected to food for me) But you are! Congrats to you on the engagement. Will you be wearing spectaculacles at the wedding? Perhaps the entire wedding party should don a pair? haha.

      • I know, it’s hard to keep track, lol!

        married Dave is the original zoolander guy. He and Deb and I used to all work together, and he used to email us Zoolander quotes all the time. No hi or hello or anything, just, “moisture is the essence of wetness, and wetness is the essence of beauty”. We love married Dave !!!

        Hence the need for nicknames, since my level of enthusiasm and exclamation marks is about the same whether I’m talking about him or about Dr McDreamy out in San Diego there.

      • All my favourite people are coming together! I’m so excited right now!!

        AND !!!

        I’m also excited because I think it would be super fun if we took at least one photo of the bridal party with shades on. We’d look super cool, man.

    • SO DID I !!!

      You’ll be happy to know I kept my germy self out of the kitchen, though. I’m picking up my antipasti platter after work tonight instead 🙂

      • ooo sounds like a nice alternative. and i’d say it was a good call. you don’t want to take down the entire party into sickie territory…

  4. What a lovely word. I’m not sure how I’m going to work it in as I will only be able to say in the afternoon. Morning tongue is the worst tongue of the day. 😉

    Love the homage to Audrey Hepburn. Breakfast at Tiffany’s is such a wonderful movie. I love Buddy Ebsen and George Peppard, and the love triangle, or is it a quadrangle if you count Patricia Neal? And who could forget Mickey Rooney?

    Have fun with the dress shopping. I’m off to listen to Moon River…

    • Doesn’t it just roll right off the tongue? (Not the morning tongue, though! 😉 ) Arto gets all kinds of cool points for coming up with that one!

      It is such a wonderful movie, I agree! I’ll add it to our virtual movie club’s classic viewing list 🙂 I like the idea of a love quadrangle … more symmetrical …

      “Moon River, wider than a mile …” 😀

    • Isn’t Audrey just wonderful?!? I just love her to bits. I’m so glad you like the picture! Will update you on the state of my hamsters tomorrow 😉

  5. Oh good lord…arriving to this fabulous party is well, nothing short of spectacular, but I need my [wait, how do you spell it…pardon me while I scroll allll the way back up there to find it…] spectaculacles so that I can look amazing while I read all the amazing comments. I mean, what more could I ask for…dresses, bourbon balls, Audrey and hamsters!? I just watched Roman Holiday yesterday and *allllmoooossstt* watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s right on the heels of it, but somehow my: “in-sync-with-Amb’s-germs-head-cold-sickness-malaise persuaded me to take a nap instead. Sigh… Now, I just want to kick it on the couch with bourbon ball bon bons {see what I did there} and watch Audrey. Ah well….

    Amb..sounds like a ridiculously fun week…hope you and the hamsters can slow it down soon. 🙂


    • I’m so excited that you got a chance to watch Roman Holiday that I almost think it’s worth being sick! Almost. I’m so sorry you’re still fighting the germs-head-cold-sickness-malaise that I’m battling with as well, but my goodness, your comment made me smile :D.

      The hamsters and I should be able to slow everything down by tonight, as long as nothing too crazy happens in Corporate World today! Knock on wood!!! Meanwhile, you look after yourself my friend, so that you can get back to enjoying this fabulous summer that we’re (finally!) having! xooooox

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  7. I really need to get me a pair of spectaculacles! I remember years ago somebody said something about matching sunglasses with face shape. Unfortunately I forgot all of the particulars, only understanding the general concept of trying to do so.

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