My Life as a Movie Monday: The American President

Good morning! Thanks so much for joining me as we settle into another Monday and the beginning of another work-week.

I don’t know about you, but it always amazes me how quickly I can slip into vacation mode; a regular work week seems interminably long to me after a holiday. What do you mean I’m expected to act like a grown up in Corporate World for five entire days in a row?!? That’s positively indecent!! 5 whole days … it feels like wearing my Friday night jeans on a quiet Sunday afternoon, you know what I mean?

Luckily, I don’t have to face my inbox and all of its adult responsibilities just yet … because it’s time to treat my life like a movie!

Last week I:

So, last week, my life as a movie was “The American President”


Alright, fine, so maybe I didn’t have a meet-cute with the leader of the free world in a conference room, and it didn’t lead to me dancing in a beautiful ballgown under the admiring gazes of foreign dignitaries (and Michael Douglas).

But I had to engage in some pretty fast Sorkin-esque talking, and I was very proud of my country, and together we all looked for some hope in some troubling times.

And I can talk at least as fast as Annette Benning. And we both have cute short haircuts. And my love of Michael Douglas is very well documented.

Here’s wishing you all energetic Mondays with the stamina to tackle everything on your to-do lists! I’m about to dive into my inbox … but I promise I’ll come up for air by tomorrow. I have something planned that’s going to be a lot of fun for us, so I hope you’ll stop by!

love amb

33 thoughts on “My Life as a Movie Monday: The American President

  1. How come when my life is like a movie with a president in it it’s like Escape from New York?

    OK, you might have seen that one coming. So it’s a slow day. What can I say?

    Looking forward to your mystery post tomorrow. You definitely know how to keep us all in high alert mode!

    • Bahahahaha. Nice one, Diddy! I always feel so hip and with it when your youtube clips are of movies that I’ve actually seen. Kurt Russell has been quiet lately, which is a shame – I like his work!

      Good, I’m glad! Nice to know that after all this time I can still keep you coming back for more … 😉

    • Natalie!! You are just the greatest thing since sliced bread. Thank you so much! I’m sending the blog love right back to you, and will definitely have some fun with these “11 things” in the coming days …. stay tuned …

      PS: Speaking of Community, have you seen this yet? It’s my new favourite thing. You can see them all here:

  2. I liked the movie. In fact, I think it’s a great movie! The score is one of my favorites I play all the time on my iPod. It has this incredibly inspiring feel to it that I’m always amazed I get whenever I listen to it. As for the movie, I love the exchanges between both of them and how their differences are handled. I think this movie would have been a so-so movie hadn’t it been for the great performances, script and music!

    • I agree with you 100% Jack! The actors, the writing, and the music are all what elevate this into one of those movies you can just watch over and over again! I don’t have the score downloaded but you’ve inspired me to get a copy. Perfect listening for when I need a little motivation to tackle my to do list!

      I think Annette Benning and Michael Douglas have fantastic chemistry together. It comes through in their voices, the way they look at each other, everything! *swoon*

  3. welcome to Monday, amb, Do not worry about being “expected to act like a grown up in Corporate World for five entire days in a row?!?” Not necessary. You only need to seem as if you’re acting like a grown up in CW for those five days in a row and having the drama camp, etc experience you’ve had I think it will go very well for you 😉

    Good movie choice. We should have a virtual viewing party of all of your selections. Goes without saying that I’ll bring snacks, though you can bring the Smarties since they’re Canadian and all.

    • You raise a very good point, my friend – act is most definitely the key word in that sentence! I will channel my inner drama camp kid and make it through the week!

      Cracking up over your suggestion of a viewing party because I, of course, have been thinking something similar. We are in sync as usual! An fb message will be coming your way shortly. Happy Monday to you 😀

      • For sure you can pull the CW thing off this week. Just put on those pink sparkly nerd glasses (they are pink and sparkly, aren’t they?) and give them your winningest smile 🙂

        To add to your to-do list, your musical genre knowledge is needed over at diddy’s as he wants you to answer a question he thinks he cannot (though I know he could if he really applied himself 😉 ). When you have a moment…

        And I love fb messages so bring it on!

      • In my head, absolutely! In real life, though, my glasses are orange. 😀

        Excellent! Am about to go on my lunch break so I’ll be heading over to Diddy’s and to fb shortly …

  4. Hi Amb..happy Monday! I had a fabulous 4 days off for our 4th and trying to get back on track and I totally agree, what’s with this 5 days in a row, of work?!?!. Bah! An so far, my productivity levels are not so stellar. Ah, I will make up for it..there’s still 4 whole days left!

    I love this movie – it’s been awhile since seeing it, but I loved Annette Benning also. And the hair…perfect!

    Did I hear something about a party? And snacks? What? 🙂 xo

    • Hi Bon !!! 4 days off sounds fabulous indeed! How awesome for you, you deserve it, my friend.

      I literally said the exact same thing when I hit my 3 o clock wall this afternoon – “it’s ok, I will make up for this tomorrow” – and then I went to the kitchen for more tea, lol!

      I know, right?! Everything about Annette is just gorgeous in this. The woman radiates loveliness. No wonder she hooked Warren in real life!

      Yes, indeed, I am planning a little online shindig for later in the week. Your name is most definitely on the guest list – stay tuned, my friend! xooooox.

    • You are never late to the party Fannie! Party = wherever you are.

      So glad you enjoyed the post and movie and links! That makes me so happy 🙂

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