Wordful Wednesday for July 17, 2013

Good morning! I’m so happy to see you. Take your shoes off; stay a while!Β flip flops on the beach

If you’ve had a chance to visit in the past couple of days, then you already know that I recently spent some time offline. I missed you all, but I have to admit that it was easier to unplug than I thought it would be! Maybe because it all happened so quickly – we got the news on Thursday night that our friends were letting us use their beautiful cottage, and we were there by noon on Saturday – so there was no time to do anything other than throw books and bathing suits into a backpack and turn off the computer.

Which I did. And then found this waiting for me:

path to the beach

And this:


And then, just when Shutterbug and I thought we couldn’t take any more sunlight, and sand, and blue skies …

sunset beach

Sunset. And a surprise landing.

Today’s word, my friends, isΒ analgesic: something that soothes, calms, or comforts

In other words …

As you’ve probably already guessed, Georgian Bay is my analgesic. Where do you go, when you need to get away and recharge? I’d love to hear all about it – please share in the Comments!

love amb

21 thoughts on “Wordful Wednesday for July 17, 2013

    • Hey Danny! You’re right, if you don’t recognize the word “recharge” then it’s definitely time for you to get away. Even if it’s just for an afternoon at a local pub, or something. Still totally counts! πŸ™‚

  1. Amb, that sunset photograph with sea planes is stunning! How could you bear to leave? I’ve had a bad headache for three days now, sadly, I think I’m going to have to stick with the paracetamol type of analgesic for tonight, but I’m sure a view like yours above would help…

    • Thanks Jenn! I’ll tell Shutterbug you said so – considering the gorgeous pictures you take, she’ll be thrilled πŸ™‚

      Aren’t those seaplanes something? And they were a complete surprise! We’ve been visiting for years and no one has ever landed in our area of the bay before. I’m so glad it was caught on camera!

      Sorry to hear that you’ve got a bad headache, my friend. Headaches are the worst! Look after yourself (and get some paracetamol, for sure. I totally had to google that word, it’s such an awesome sounding one!)

  2. “get away and recharge”? Am vaguely familiar with the concept. Either I’ve done it before (can’t remember the when and where) or have at least heard
    of it. I thought we were supposed to cram as many things into our schedule as we could until we snapped. ??? Haha. Those views are lovely and amazing. Hurrahs to SS and to you for analgesic. Mine comes in a bottle πŸ˜‰ (no it doesn’t–totally kidding. Mine comes from my business. How twisted is that?)

    • Teeheehee! Liz, you crack me up. “Comes in a bottle” – I LOVE IT. Too too funny.

      No, but seriously, I totally get where you’re coming from on the business analgesic thing. I get a ton of energy and satisfaction from working on this blog and the other assorted projects that come with it, and it lets me get into a totally different, non Corporate World headspace that is all my own. So I hear you, my friend!

    • You too, my friend – come visit anytime. We’d love to have you! And thank YOU for the morning visit! Always so happy to see you here, you know that πŸ™‚

  3. the sunset is stunning. i wish i had a place like georgian bay! i do like going out to the hills of the headwaters when i go riding on fridays…

    • It’s a lake, believe it or not Dianne! With gorgeous beaches like that, you’d think it was an ocean … so lucky to have something like that only a couple of hours away!

  4. Friendships and daily/weekly moments of feeling connected are analgesics high on my list! Also, sitting lakeside or seaside are at the top of the same list! I love those images..and that last one is amazing. So, who arrived? Who was on those planes? Welcome back but so glad you got to be away!! xo

    • Yes !!! I agree with both of those things on your list times, like, a million – feeling connected is a huge thing for me too. Oh Bon, understanding me as always! πŸ™‚

      We actually never saw who got out of the planes, they were too far away! But what a way to travel! Can you imagine?

      • Yes! i can imagine!! Easily! Ha-ha!

        So, I was thinking…top top top of the list, being lakeside or seaside with person/people I feel connected to. See what I did there!?

        And, yes, so on the same page!! xo

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